Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report, week ending 17/06/18

Strong winds and storm Hector made Thursday unfishable but the rest of the week has been hard but on the whole fruitful.

Ray Wilson had a successful session on the bottom lake on Wednesday, bringing 12 rainbow trout to the boat fishing with: muddler and assorted black dries.

On Friday Josh Piper also brought 12 fish to the boat, 10 rainbows and 2 blues, this time on the Great Lough.

Fishing was brought short on Saturday with a big thunder storm but in all a good week.

Number of fish taken: 27

Number of fish returned: 106

Number of visiting anglers: 57

Rod average: 2.3

Successful fly patterns: Gold fritz, Black Pennel, Black Spider, Montana, Daddy, Muddler, Foam Beetle, Dancer, Hare’s Ear, Snatcher, Bibio, CDC, Damsel.



Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report, week ending 10/06/18

This week has been warm and humid with light winds mostly from an easterly direction, the water temperature has been warm and trout have only been feeding on the surface early and late.

There have been insects hatching out but most fishing has been blind. There have been some impressive catches on dries: sedges and daddies proving to be deadly on the bottom lake.

Most anglers have returned home after a successful session and though the going may sometimes be hard fish are being caught in all conditions.

Number of fish taken: 70

Number of fish returned: 190

Number of visiting anglers: 108

Rod average: 2.4

Successful fly patterns: Dawson’s Olive, damsel, daddy, sedge, cat’s whisker, Invicta, Black Pennel, buzzer, CDC, hare’s ear.



Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report – Week ending 20/05/18

Another good week with plenty of fish caught in both lakes. On balance buzzer fishing has been the the most successful method but a wide range of wets, dries and lures have been employed with success. The week-end’s warm weather has brought on a hatch of tiny black flies but they are very difficult to match. Fish of the week was that caught by Gary Braden on Saturday, a 12lb 2oz rainbow. Gary was fishing with nine other members of the Fly Tying Guild in a competition.

We also hosted 12 members of the Northumbrian Water Anglian Club on Saturday, one of the busiest days of this season so far.

Number of fish taken: 54

Number of fish returned: 195

Number of visiting anglers: 104

Successful fly patterns: Hare’s ear, diawl bach, buzzers, butcher, Shipman’s buzzer, sedge, muddler.



Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report, Week ending 13/05/18

A very busy week at Sweethope with a record number of fish being returned to the water. Conditions have been varied from cool and windy to warm and sunny but every day has produced fish.

We hosted H.M.R.C. on Wednesday with 7 anglers having a successful day, taking 11and returning61 fish to the water, fishing from boats on the Great Lough.

On Saturday we were hosts to the Ashington Kingfishers who had a splendid day with 23 anglers returning 119 fish within the competition and a further 34 outside the 8 fish limit.

Winner of the competition was Alan Morton with 8 fish for 9.64 kilos, 2nd Steve Bowden with 8 fish for 9.23 kilos and 3rd was Derek Johnson with 8 fish for 8.95 kilos

Biggest fish was that returned by John Sutherland which weighed in at 3.79 kilos (it was longer than the measuring gauge!)

John Metcalf returned a fine brown trout to the Great Lough on Wednesday, weighing over 10 lbs. and together with Willy Emery returned 20 rainbow trout.

Number of fish taken: 45

Number of fish returned: 530

Number of visiting anglers: 131

Successful fly patterns: Dawson’s Olive, buzzers, cruncher, diawl bach, Kate McClaren, emergers, Black Pennel, damsel.



Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 6/05/18

At last Spring appears to have arrived and both waters are starting to warm up. Insects are beginning to hatch out and trout are moving on the surface. Successful fly patterns and techniques are tending more to floating lines and traditional wets. Some success has been achieved on dry fly.

Having said that, however, Mark Cromer from Morpeth managed to return 25 rainbow and 2 blue trout fishing a blob.

On Saturday Tony Patterson and John Durkan returned 29 rainbows to the Small Lough, fishing hare’s ear, Greenwell’s glory, spider and butcher and Mark Butcher and Charlie Loizou returned 23 rainbow and 2 blue trout to the Small Lough.

Sunday’s best performance was that of Eric Carmichael of Rowlands Gill who returned 16 rainbow and 3 blue trout, buzzer fishing.

Number of fish taken:46

Number of fish returned:234

Number of visiting anglers: 73

Successful fly patterns: Dawson’s Olive, green buzzer, black buzzer, black gnat, cruncher, damsel, Kate McClaren, GRHE, Greenwells Glory, spider, butcher, blob, dries.



Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 29/04/18

A very cold and windy week has made fishing conditions difficult. We have consequently had a reduced number of visitors but all have been rewarded by some good sport. Even when the Great Lough has had waves and white horses it has been possible to find some shelter on the Little Lough. Best performance of the week was probably that of Billy Emery and John Metcalf who returned 24 rainbow trout to the Great Lough on Friday, fishing from a boat.


Number of fish taken:18

Number of fish returned:198

Number of visiting anglers:35

Successful fly patterns: Dawson’s Olive, viva, hare’s ear, bibio, cormorant, black fritz, hopper, buzzer.



Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 22md october 2017

A short report this week due to weather forecast induced lower numbers. Both lakes continue to provide fish, wets and lures being the order of the day despite the occasional big hatch of flies when the conditions have been right.

I will continue to write a weekly report until the end of November and then recommence in April when the new season begins.



Number of fish taken: 10

Number of fish returned: 20

Number of visiting anglers: 24

Successful fly patterns :  Dog nobbler, cat’s whisker, cormorant, diawl bach.



Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 15th October 2017

Yet again another hard week at Sweethope. Cold water temperatures, strong winds and rain, improving by the end of the week. Once ex-hurricane Ophelia has passed through things will improve for the coming week.

The best performance this week was that of Charlie Loizou and Mark Johnson, fishing from a boat on the bottom lake. Fishing buzzers they returned 21 rainbow and 1 blue trout to the water.


Number of fish taken: 9

Number of fish returned: 43

Number of visiting anglers: 25

Successful fly patterns :  Buzzer, red nymph, Kate McClaren, cruncher, cormorant, diawl bach,


Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 8th October 2017

Windy, wet and cold conditions have made for a difficult time for visiting anglers this week. Sunday was probably the best day of the week with some good catches from the small lake. The Great Lough proving to be a little too cold and choppy.



Number of fish taken: 3

Number of fish returned: 44

Number of visiting anglers: 20

Successful fly patterns :  Buzzer, black cruncher, hare’s ear, black dries.


Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 1st October 2017

Another productive week for the fishery. Despite a couple of rainy days  mid week we have been fairly well attended.

Saturday was the best day with 24 visiting anglers taking 6 trout and returning 78 safely to the water. Best performances were those of Peter Davison and Ali Tait fishing from a boat on the Lower Lough. Peter returned 24 and Ali 13 trout, fishing damsel and cat’s whisker respectively.

For most of the week conditions have been perfect for fishing dries with light to moderate winds producing a gentle ripple and insect life hatching in abundance.


Number of fish taken: 27

Number of fish returned: 137

Number of visiting anglers: 60

Successful fly patterns :Dawson’s olive, snake, black hopper, cat’s whisker, damsel, buzzer, daddy, hare’s ear, small black dries, diawl bach, cormorant, midas dry, black cruncher, black nobbler.

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