Sweethope Fishing Report 22nd June

Warm bright weather have again led to challenging fishing conditions and many anglers have chosen to wait for better, cooler conditions for their next visit. Happily these are forecast to arrive in the very near future.

On Saturday we hosted thirteen members of the Benedictine Angling Club for a day’s fishing and despite hard angling conditions 27 fish were found lying in deeper, cooler parts of the Great Lough. Of the two lakes the Lower Lough provided the best sport.

The heaviest fish of the week was caught by Mr. B. Robinson, a visiting angler from Hampshire from a Float tube, weighed in at 5lbs and was attested to be 22” in length. The total catch for this week was 88 rainbow, 1 Blue and 5 brown trout. 58 were successfully returned to be caught another day, older and wiser. 64 anglers visited the fishery and successful fly patterns were: Daddies, Hawthorns, Hare’s Ears, Hoppers, Green & Black Buzzers, C.D.C., Coachman, Diawl Bach and a Partridge Mayfly.


Sweethope Fishing Report 16th June

Yet again a busy week at the fishery. Conditions have been warm and close most of the week and the consequently warm water temperature has made for some challenging fishing. Both lakes have produced fine fish but Mr. Lofthouse’s  4lb 12oz rainbow caught yesterday in the Great Lough was the fish of the week.

Some anglers have done very well with catches of up to 20 fish with Tony Barclay regularly achieving double figures from his float tube.

Visitors included the Brownie Club who held their annual meet followed by dinner at a neighbouring hotel.

Total number of rods visiting the fishery: 73

Fish caught: 187 rainbows, 2 blue, 5 brown trout.

Fish returned: 121

Successful fly patterns: Kate McClaren, Black Beetle, Black Emerger, Daddy, Olive Damsel, Black Spider, Black Pennel,  Dawson,s Olive, Cormorant, White Fritz, Cat’s Whisker.

stock 3


Sweethope Fishing Report – 8th June 2014

A very mixed week at Sweethope with all sorts of weather. Still days, the usual windy days and some torrential rain.

Best fish of the week was a rainbow weighing 3lb 11oz caught in a downpour on Saturday by Mr. D.Clark of Sunderland who was wet but happy.

Most visitors to the fishery experienced good catches and a total of 60 visiting anglers caught 189 rainbows, 8 blue, and 10 brown trout. 150 fish were returned to the lake.

Best fly patterns were: G.R.H.E., Bibio, P.T.N., Buzzers, Hoppers, Black Emerger, Daddies and Dawson’s Olive.fishing 18


Sweethope Fishing Report May 19th 2014

A beautiful day here at Sweethope as I write this report. The Sun is shining, there is a gentle breeze from the South East and the cuckoo just keeps on calling until dusk. Most of the week has been overcast and has seen some great fishing.

The Electrical fishing club visited us on Tuesday for a competition which was won by Mr. W. Ross with a 3 fish bag, weighing 9lb 4oz.

Rob Frame has visited us twice this week and has totalled a catch of 50 fish.

In total 519 fish were caught and  421 returned safely to the water. The biggest reported was a rainbow of 6lb.

A total of 95 rods visited the fishery and good sport was had by all.

Successful fly patterns: Dawson’s olive, GRHE, black gnat, zulu, bumble, buzzers, shipman’s, diawl bach, bibio, black spider, Kate McClaren, muddler, yellow dancer.


Sweethope Fishing Report May 12th 2014

Cool and windy weather but some great catches. Fish of the week was Monday’s 5lb 4oz rainbow, caught in the great lake by James O’Hara. Other notable catches include the seven rainbows caught by 7 year old Milo Jones, fishing the Great Lake with his father.

Visitors have noticed some wooden structures in the car park – I thought they were perches for birds but no they are state of the art rod rests – Thank you very much Brian.

79 rods caught 186 rainbows,5 blue and 6 brown trout this week,131 were returned safely to the water.

Successful fly patterns: Cat’s whisker ,Kate McClaren, Hoppers, buzzers, dries, diawl bach, GRHE, montana,  black pennel, dancers black & yellow.

may 2014


Sweethope Fishing Report May 4th 2014

Another successful week with a great hatch of buzzers. The wind has been from the East until Sunday which saw a fairly brisk Westerly, braved by 12 boats who caught 64 fish between them. The most successful angler was Steve Cochrane from Guidepost who caught and returned 13 rainbows and 1 brown trout on diawl bachs and a black c.d.c. His biggest fish was an impressive 5lb over wintered rainbow.

There is a large number of fit, strong, over wintered fish in both lakes this season – perhaps a result of the unusually warm winter which is causing much comment from visiting anglers.

We were visited by 75 rods who caught 237 rainbow, 5 blue and 6 brown trout; 207 of these were returned safely to the lake.

As the fly patterns testify fish were caught on a wide variety of flies including : Cats whisker, yellow dancer, black nomad, cormorants, buzzers, daddies, hoppers, diawl bach and cdc.

05 may 2014


Fish Report April 20, 2014

A great week at the fishery has seen some excellent double figure catches.

Nick Dales from Whitley Bay caught and returned 21 on Tuesday ,  David Wright of Dunston  took a rainbow from the Great Lake on Friday which was weighed at 5lb 10oz but Yesterday saw 9 rods catch  a whopping total of 81 fish.
Biggest bag went to Richard Wood of Belsay who caught and released 25 trout in the Great Lake, the biggest of which was estimated to be 6lb.

april 14 - 2 april 14

The water is starting to warm up and the majority of fish this week have been taken on buzzers and nymphs. The return of the housemartins happily coinciding with a hatch of little black flies which are proving hard for the angler to match.
Total catches this week: rainbow trout 189, blue trout 5, brown trout 1, 21 fish taken.
Successful fly patterns: Emergers, buzzers, black bug, bloodworm, black fritz, cormorant, booby, cats whisker, dawson’s olive, diawl bach, black Pennell.

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