Sweethope Adventure is proud to continue with its new stocking policy, started in May 2013 – guaranteeing every fisherman and woman the chance to land decent sized fish of good quality, putting up a strong fight!

Fish arriving from Northern Trout, its stock day!
Inspected by Tony Beck and carried to the loughs…
Released into the Great Lough at Sweethope!
Freshly caught by one lucky man!

  • Our stock comes from the reputable fish farm and hatchery Costa Spring of the Brow Well Fisheries Group.
  • We stock little and often with new stock arriving fortnightly throughout the season.
  • We do not compromise on quality, our supplier is rigorously checked and quality monitored.

Our stock of rainbow trout and blue trout, A rated hard fighting fish from reputable and certified fish farms in North Yorkshire and the Boarders. We are hoping that some of the 2000 brownies that were released in 2011  ago may have survived and are of decent size now – help us find out!