Fishing at Sweethope

Sweethope Lough is a renowned still water located between the villages of Knowesgate, Kirkwhelpington and Redesdale in the Northumberland hills. One of England’s oldest trout fishery and the most popular by far and wide back in its glory days – and that is where we are hoping to take it back to!

Sweethope is justifiably famous for its stock of large, hard fighting rainbow trout of up to 15lbs + offering every angler, from novice to expert, a chance to hook into a true fish of a lifetime at every visit. We also stock blue trout and after assessing the current stock of natural brownies, we are intending of adding to the Brown Trout population by July 2013.

Sweethope Lough is the headwater of the Wansbeck river, which cuts its scenic way to the North Sea through some of Northumberland’s prettiest scenery.

There are two loughs, the Great Lough with 140 acres, the little lough of 12 acres.

We have 20 boats plus 1 accessible boat on the Great Lough, so usually, it is not required to book a boat in advance. Please contact us with accessibility questions – whilst our accessible boat can accommodate a wheelchair, the ramp leading to the boat is still under construction.

During competitions and club days, a lot of our boats are used, so to be sure there will be a boat available when you require one, contact us. Please DO notify us, if you require an engine, so we can ensure one of our three hire engines is fully charged, ready for you.