Outdoor Adventure

At Sweethope, BECKs Training Limited can offer the following activities:

A competitive activity with a huge sense of achievement – the young people learn a new skill and can get better at it very quickly. Being sporty does not matter, neither does being fast or confident or good at maths – everybody has a chance to shine in the this very accessible activity.
This activity can be either on site at Deneholme (tree platform abseil) or at one of the climbing crags (Peel Crag or Great Wanney Crag). Young people face a challenge on an individual level, though the support of their team plays a key role. They will learn about ropes and safety at heights as well feeling a huge buzz from completing the activity successfully.
Rock Climbing
This is not as much of a individual challenge as people may think – whilst we usually only have one or two people climbing at the same time, other team members are shown how to belay and point out the route for the climber. A technically interesting and satisfying ultimate outdoor activity.

Ballista Construction
The team is split into smaller teams of 4-6 young people and given a set of resources to construct a “ballista” – a device to fire tennis balls into a bucket places 40 feet away. They will have to use their equipment thoughtfully, negotiate a design and execute their plan as a team in order to achieve the task. A fabulously competitive challenge.

Raft Building
The oldest team building activity: you have water, you have resources and you need to get across – dry if possible. The team has to improvise and use their initiative, learn new skills and work together to make it happen. We can add time limits, resource limits, flag making, treasure hunting for resources and much more to add to the challenge.

Mountain Biking
With a brand new fleet of Scott Bikes we are superbly kitted out for this high energy activity. Facilitating the biking sessions is Helen Gaskell –  an international downhill champion. We can stay on the quiet roads around Allendale, or take the bikes to Hamsterley Forest (Durham) or across to the Lakes and ride Whinlatter Forest. We also offer bike maintenance, route planning and road safety sessions.

With a two sided paddle and a boat to themselves the group members have a sense of freedom and responsibility for their own actions. Paddling a kayak means learning new skills and exploring lakes and rivers at your own pace. A fun activity with tangible learning outcomes for each individual.
Canoeing is an ancient way of team building – if one paddler does not communicate with the other – neither of them is going to get anywhere. It is also a wonderful way to connect with nature, explore Northumberland’s beautiful rivers, lakes and loughs, encountering wild life or playing games along the way.
THE 2013 favourite activity: a mixture of scrambling, bouldering and potholing – an group lead activity (closely supervised) with 100% participation rate facilitated at the Great Wanney Craggs. The young people learn about movement on rock, under rock and around rock, squeezing through passages and solving bouldering “problems”.

Problem Solving
This is our speciality! We have taken team building, leadership and management training tasks from across Europe and adjusted them to fit our groups. There is a huge number of different tasks we can offer to fit your needs – be it centered around confidence, communication, trust, motivation, leadership skills and much more!

Survival Training
Our bush craft survival training sessions include shelter building, fire making, cooking on open fires as a minimum but can be extended to include tree climbing, archery, ballista construction and team competitions, such as steal the flag. We can also include a bespoke story line, such as a plane crash scenario, “LOST” or other topic of interest. 

Search & Rescue
This scenario can be an evening or day time activity – the team is informed that a fell walker has been found on the hills surrounding Deneholme and once organised into three teams (stretcher builders, navigators and first aiders) they set of “to the rescue”. This is a fantastic task to challenge a team, put them under time pressure and learning life skills in emergency first aid. 

Activities are facilitated by BECKs Training Limited, an AALA licensed provider of adventurous outdoor activities and team events, holder of a Learning Outside the Classroom quality badge and established in Northumberland since 2006.

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