Sweethope Fishery Report 7th June 2015

The wind died down this week only to return with a vengeance at the week-end. Saturday’s gale force winds looked to make fishing impossible but John Williams, fishing from the bank on both lakes proved that to be untrue with a fine catch of 14 rainbows and a brown trout on a muddler.

Thursday was about the best day of the week and we hosted the Brownie Club who had an entertaining day and all caught fish.

Friday evening we entertained several rods to the evening rise and although there was not much showing on the surface James Carr put in his usual solid double figure performance, taking three rainbows and bringing far more to the net.

Fish of the week was Grant Downie’s 4lb Blue trout and Mitchell Fawcus put in a terrific performance on Sunday, bringing 30 rainbows and 5 blue trout to the net. The school of thought is that he bumped into a shoal of freshly stocked fish which had been blown down to the dam on the lower lake!

This week promises some great conditions. Already the wind has dropped and fish are showing all over both lakes. If you can’t find me I’ll be fishing.


Fish caught: 231 rainbow, 32 blue and 1 brown trout.

Fish returned: 166

Visiting rods: 66

Successful fly patterns: Black & Green Viva, orange fritz, white fritz, cat’s whisker, Dawson’s Olive, bibio, diawl bach, buzzers, hare’s ear, klinkhammer, damsel nymph, olive dries, cdc. Hoppers.


Sweethope Fishery Report 31st May 2015

Good fishing, poor weather sums up the week at the fishery. Odd patches of calm periods have seen trout feeding on the surface on hatches of olives and Hawthorn flies all over the lakes. All too often though a cool, fresh breeze has put them down again.

That having been said we have had some fine catches: 14 rods brought 79 fish to the net on Monday and 13 rods brought 50 to the net on Tuesday.

On Saturday we were visited by the Dalston Angling Club who held their second meet here this season. The competition was won by Les McVittie who caught a bag of 3 fish weighing 6lb 14oz.


Visiting Rods: 78

Fish caught: 245 rainbow, 17 blue & 6 brown trout

Fish Taken: 62

Successful fly patterns: Emergers, dries, Kate McClaren, muddler, hoppers, cdc, bibio, hawthorn, daddy, bloodworm, olive fritz, damsel, Dawson’s Olive.

If anyone is missing the top section of their rod you left it here about three weeks ago! I have kept it for you in the office.


Sweethope Fishery Report 25th May 2015

The fishery has been very busy over the week leading up to the bank holiday and even in windy conditions we have had some great days. On Friday 18 rods caught 92 fish and on Saturday in less windy but sunny conditions 34 rods caught 101 fish.

By Sunday windy and colder conditions had put the fish down in the water but John Williams managed to bring 16 rainbows and 1 blue trout to the net using an intermediate line and a damsel nymph in the Great Lough.

The introduction of boats to the Little Lough has proved successful and all those who have taken advantage of this facility have caught fish I will be placing another buouy in a fourth location this week.


Number of visiting rods – 84

Fish caught – 310 rainbow, 25 blue, 5 brown trout

Fish taken – 20

Successful fly patterns – Buzzers, hoppers, orange fritz, black fritz, bibio, Peter Ross, black Pennell, Kate McClaren, olives, damsel nymph, hawthorn flies, cruncher, cat’s whisker, Dawson’s Olive.


Sweethope Fishery Report 18th May 2015

Cold weather and strong winds are delaying the season a little and it has seemed more like March or April here this week. We have been visited by 2 clubs and by private individuals not put off by the weather.

Wednesday provided the best fishing, slight westerly winds followed by flat calm and then a cold easterly made for very varied conditions. Altogether 14 rods got 85 fish to the boat or bank making a rod average of over 6.

The three best fish of the week were caught by: Mark O’McMullen who estimated a blue caught on Thursday to weigh 5lb, Steve Cochrane who caught a rainbow weighing 4lb 10oz on Friday evening and Cecil Douglas who won the Hoy and Hope’s competition on Sunday with a bag of 8lb 3oz, including a rainbow, weighed in at 3lb 15oz.

Congratulations to all those who have caught fish in testing conditions.

We now have two boats in place on the bottom lake which may be fished from the four mooring buouys.


Number of rods visiting: 71

Number of fish caught: 239 rainbow trout, 15 blue trout, 4 brown trout.

Successful fly patterns: C.D.C. shuttlecock, dabblers, black daddy, klinkhammer, mini dawson, diawl bach, viva, bibio, damsel nymph, cormorant, bloodworm, mackem monkey, black nomad.


Sweethope Fishery Report 11th May 2015

A successful week at Sweethope with both Monday and Sunday giving great conditions. On Monday 10 rods caught 41 rainbow, 3 blue and 2 brown trout from the top lake and 8 rainbow and5 blue trout from the bottom. Both Nick Dales and Grant Howie did well but prize fish went to a young visitor, Harry Raynor who caught a 4lb rainbow as his first ever fish.

Sunday saw an even larger number of fish caught with 21 rods catching 54 rainbow, 5 blue and 2 brown trout from the top lake and 20 rainbow and 2 blue trout from the lower lake. Harry Raynor paid us a return visit with his sister Millie both catching a rainbow trout as did another young visitor to the fishery, Aidan Russell.


205 rainbow, 30 blue and 4 brown trout caught

60 visiting rods

209 fish returned

Successful fly patterns: Buzzers, hoppers, bibio, black spider, Kate McClaren, hare’s ear, cat’s whisker, orange fritz.


Sweethope 2015 Opening hours and policy

Sweethope remains primarily a fly fishery and angling activities will always take precedence. We will be open for fishing from March to December and the office will be manned from 8.00a.m. until 5.00.p.m. If the fishery manager is not about later or earlier than these times simply fill in your ticket, put your fees in the envelope provided and post it through the returns box. You are welcome to fish as early or as late as you want during the hours of daylight.

There may be some water sports and other activities taking place at the venue but these will be controlled by our associates from Beck’s Training and will not impinge upon anglers’ enjoyment of their sport.

As a result of suggestions from visiting anglers we will be placing 4moorings and 2 rowing boats on the lower lake next week.

There will be a single occupancy boat rate of £5 instead of £7, £7 instead of £10 and £10 instead of £14 for 4, 6 and 8hour hire. This should help reduce the cost of fishing for those who do not have a boat partner with whom to share costs.

For those who would like to come and fish the evening rise we will introduce a flat charge of £6 for a 2hour session. Anyone who wishes to take fish can do so and pay for their fish at a flat rate of £4 per fish.

Finally I will introduce a loyalty card next week. Once you have 5 stamps you will be entitled to a free 4hour session with a boat.

I hope these changes meet with your approval and look forward to seeing you soon.

Chris Slack


Sweethope Fishery Report 4th May 2015

Despite the “polar plume” and its accompanying cold, windy weather buzzers have remained the most successful fly patterns this week. Towards the back end of the week lures were more successful with James Carr having a successful day on Friday, bringing 11 fish to the boat and taking three home using Ally McCoist and Cat’s Whisker patterns. Saturday and Sunday fished well too despite the horrible weather. Sunday afternoon post 13.00 offered great conditions with Messrs Ibbotsen and Robinson of the Kingfishers bringing 13 rainbows and 5 blue trout to the boat,fishing with cormorant and cut throat cat.


83 rainbow, 19 blue and 2 brown trout caught

74 fish returned

21 rods visited

Heaviest fish: 4lb

Most successful fly patterns: buzzers, Cormorants, g.r.h.e., cat’s whisker, Ally McCoist, olive cruncher, blue flash damsel.


Sweethope Fishery Report 27th April 2015

Great fishing had by all visiting rods this week. Probably the most productive week the fishery has had in the last 2 years!

Outstanding catches have been made by Dave Moody and boat partner John Foreman who brought 60 fish to the boat on Monday, Ray Wilson who brought 15 fish to the net also on Monday. John Williams and Dave Duncan had a good day on Saturday, bringing35 fish to the boat. Grant Downie caught 14 fish on Sunday and his fishing partner Mitch Fawcus brought 23 fish to the net, including this week’s most impressive fish; a 5lb brown trout. Grant says he hooked a bigger one but it smashed his tackle!

As far as the weather is concerned the week has been split in two with warm, bright conditions and gentle winds until we experienced a cooler, westerly air stream at the end of the week. The first half of the week saw catches on dries as well as nymphs and lures but the week’s most successful fly pattern has been without doubt the buzzer.

Statistics: We were visited by 62 rods who caught 269 rainbow, 40 blue and 7brown trout. 52 fish were taken and 264 returned safely to the water.

Successful fly patterns: Buzzers, hoppers, diawl bach, olive, hare’s ear, PTN, GRHE, butcher, yellow owl, cat’s whisker.


Sweethope Fishery Report 20th April 2015

Sweethope has been fishing very well this week. The water temperature has been a cool 10 degrees most of the week, peaking at 11 degrees on Sunday. For most of the week it has been windy but not too windy to make fishing difficult and statistics reflect this. Anglers have been successful from the bank on both Loughs and from the boat on the Great Lough.

The heaviest fish caught this week was a 4lb 8oz Blue Trout, caught from the boat in the Great Lough. In all a very respectable 184 rainbow, 24 blue and 2 brown trout have been brought to the net, 54 rainbows were taken and 130 were returned, safely to the water.

We have been visited by 72 anglers this week and successful fly patterns have been: nymphs, damsels, bloodworm, hare’s ear, buzzers, diawl bachs and hoppers.

A hatch of olives was noted on Sunday and fishing conditions should improve this week with settled weather.


Sweethope Fishery Report 6th April

The weather has steadily here as the wind drops and the temperature improves. Fish are starting to show on the top and the new stock are starting to show their faces, although at least 50 percent of the fish caught in the Great Lough   have been over wintered. We aim to get some more fish next week to boost the levels in both lakes.

Anglers have been catching well but not without some effort and the best fish of the week was a 4lb 8oz rainbow caught by Mr.P Green in the Lower Lough.

In all; 39 Anlers caught 86 rainbow and 5 blue trout. 85 fish were returned.

Successful fly patterns: Orange Fritz, Black Lure, Mini Cat, Dawson’s Gold Head, Bloodworm,Slug, G.R.H.E. and Black Hopper.

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