Sweethope Fishing Report October 6th 2014

A good fishing week until Autumn arrived with a vengeance on Friday. Despite the wet and windy conditions on Friday, Gregg Johnson from Ashington managed to catch and return 6 rainbow trout to the Little Lough.

The wind had dropped by Sunday and a better day was enjoyed by the 14 visiting anglers. Dave Moody and Mark Strachan from Norham caught and returned 8 rainbow and 1 blue trout to the Great Lough and three visitors from the Kelso Angling club also had a rewarding visit, catching and returning 12 fish.

The best fish of the week was a 4lb rainbow, caught by Ken Davison from the Great Lough on Wednesday.

This week we were visited by 49 rods who caught 80 rainbow, 2 blue and 7 brown trout. Of these 79 were returned safely to the water.

Successful fly patterns were: Black Dries, hoppers, diawl bach, whisky muddler, damsel nymph, booby, Kate McClaren, buzzers, bloodworm.


Sweethope Fishing Report September 29th 2014

The early part of the week and the end of the week have provided good conditions at the fishery but Thursday and Friday were too windy for successful angling. Furthermore we added to the fish stock on Friday so that tis week anglers should experience productive fishing conditions.

Seven members of the Benedictine Angling Club held a competition on Saturday which was won by Ian Macauther who had 12 Rainbow trout to the boat. His winning catch weighed 14lb.12oz. Second was Adam Calvin and third Jimmy Calvin who also caught the heaviest fish, weighing in at 3lb.2oz.

Heaviest fish of the week was a blue trout, caught by Mr. Purves of Forres who visited on Tuesday.

We were visited by 26 rods who caught 59 rainbow, 1 blue and 2 brown trout. £6 of these fish were successfully returned to the water.

Best fly patterns: Black Pennel, Hare’s Ear, Dabbler, CDC dries, F fly, Lures.


Sweethope Fishing Report September 22nd 2014

We have experienced still misty conditions for most of the week and what wind we’ve had, has been from the North and the East.

Fishing has been hard but nevertheless there have been some good catches made. On Saturday we were visited by the Ashington Kingfishers and by Shane Kelly and party from Scotland.

The Kingfishers’ Loch Style Competition was won by Steve Bowden who returned 5 fish for a weight of 6.53 kg., second was Steven Taylor with 5 for 5.46 kg. and third Jimmy Forster with 4fish for 5.5 kg.

Shane’s boat returned 9 rainbows, 1 blue, and 1 brown trout.

In total we were visited by 71 rods who caught 72 fish of these 68 were returned to the water.

Successful fly patterns: Buzzers, Sedges, Okey Dokey, Hoppers, Dabblers and Hawthorn Flies.


Sweethope Fishing Report September 15th 2014

The week has seen relatively calm, bright and warm conditions with the wind predominately form the East. Fishing has not been easy but significant catches have been made on dries, mainly Hoppers Daddies and tiny black patterns. Towards the end of the week more catches were made on wets such as Bibios and nymphs.

We were visited by 59 rods who caught 113 rainbow, 5 blue and 11 brown trout. 12 rainbows were taken and the rest returned to the water.

Successful fly patterns: Daddy, Beetle, Very small Blob, C.D.C. Buzzer, Orange Dancer, Guthrie’s Beetle, Small, black dries, Hopper, Clan Chief, Bibio.

Picture Below: Raftbuilding Challenge at Sweethope – the balanced management of water based adventure activities and fishing is working well!




Sweethope Fishing Report September 8th 2014

A mixed week at Sweethope with some excellent overcast days and some bright days which have given both perfect and challenging conditions.

The best conditions were probably found on Thursday when 8 rods brought 36 fish to the net. The best of these was without doubt a 6lb Brown Trout, caught by Bob Todd from Brampton.

Conditions were a little more challenging on Saturday when we held a catch and release boat competition but the competition was well attended by 15 anglers. The event was won convincingly by Scott Nellins with a total of 19 fish. Second Chris Guthrie and third Richard Wood. Many thanks to all who attended and made the event a success.

Total number of visitors to the fishery this week: 67 rods.

Fish caught: 89 in competition, 144 rainbows, 1 blue, 11 rainbow. Total: 245.

Rod average: 3.66

Number of fish taken: 16

Best fly Patterns: Bibio, Hopper, Daddy, Buzzer, Black Beetle, Black Spider, Knotted Midge, Montana, Diawl Bach, Black Cormorant, Sedge, Muddler, White Hare’s Ear.


Saturday’s Sweethope sunset taken by Kevin Dotchin.sunset


Sweethope Fishing Report August 31st 2014

The fishery continues to perform well as the water temperature remains at levels appropriate to the welfare of rainbow trout.

We were hosts to “Hoy and Hope” from Ashington on Sunday who participated in a club competition. The event was won by Jim Carr who took a bag of 3 trout, weighing 7lb 2oz.

Heaviest fish of the week was a 5lb rainbow, caught by “Mitch” in the Great lough on Monday and other notable angling performances have been made by: Grant Downie ( 37 fish from 2 visits), Scott Nellins( 29 fish) and Rob Frame and Jim Tuck (40 fish).

Total visiting anglers this week have been 67 rods who caught: 346 rainbow, 6 blue and 5 brown trout. 59 fish were taken and 298 returned to the water.

Successful fly patterns: Damsel nymph, Nomad, Bibio, Diawl Bach, Sedgehog, Hoppers, Daddies, Invicta, Buzzers, Small Black Beetle, Black Spider.

Next week’s competition starts at 10, refreshments will be available from 9.00. a.m. at Lough House.


Sweethope Competition 2014

Due to our friends in Corsenside deciding not to go ahead with their competition on the 6th September we have decided to hold our own competition on the same date.

Entries will cost £30, the competition will be a “catch and release” competition and competitors will be paired up in boats. The winner will be deemed to be the one who has caught and returned the most fish and will be monitored by his or her partner in the boat who will record the time of each catch.

First, second and third prize will be awarded and refreshments will be available at the lodge.

Entries to Chris at Sweethope by phone or email.





Sweethope Fishing Report August 24th 2014

Sunday saw the best fishing day of the season with an astonishing bag of 176 fish from 40 rods. 20 of those anglers were from the Kelso Angling association whose competition accounted for 110 of those fish, 61 of which were returned to the water. The heaviest fish at 5lb was caught by Ronnie Glass who had the heaviest bag of 3 fish at 8lb 14 oz. The largest number of fish was caught by Mick Tait who caught 3 fish for 7lb 1oz and returned 11 rainbows and 1 brown trout.
Thursday was another successful day with 58 fish caught by 9 rods. Paul Bennett accounted for 23 of them.
The wind has been largely Westerly and of moderate strength and conditions have been kind: cool and not too bright. The water seems well oxygenated with a neutral p.h. and a steady temperature of around 14 degrees.

In summary we were visited by 77 rods who caught 330 rainbow, 4 blue and 9 brown trout, 256 were returned successfully to the water.

Successful fly patterns: Invicta, Muddler, Dawson’s Olive, Bibio, Daddies, Hoppers, P.T.N., Hummungus, Grey Wulff, Snipe & Black, Orange Fritz

august 2014 - 2


Sweethope Fishing Report August 18th 2014

A new delivery of rainbow trout on Thursday has done much to perk up the current population and already established itself all over both lakes. Currently both lakes are fishing very well with Dave Moody from Berwick bringing 9 fish to the net yesterday and Reuben Poole from the Wansbeck and Blyth A.C. taking 3fish for 9lbs 11oz and returning a further 4 fish on Saturday.

I have tested the temperature in both lakes and we are currently at 15 degrees which is a great improvement.

Unfortunately gale force winds saw two competitions postponed on Sunday when conditions were unfishable but the fish remain to be caught another day.

We have been visited by 21 rods this week and31 fish have been caught, 21 returned to the water.

Successful fly patterns: Hopper, Viva, black hammer, black wets with a red tip, Hare’s Ear, Dawson’s Olive, Muddler and Fritz.


Sweethope Fishing Report 20th July

Sunshine, wind and warm water continue to make angling challenging but after all it is July, what do we expect?

Ronnie Glass from Kelso visited on Tuesday and had a splendid afternoon, catching 9 rainbow and 2 blue trout. The early part and the late part of his session proved to be the most fruitful. Most of the fish were enticed out of the reeds on dries.

Saturday saw a visit from the float tube association. 7 rods caught and kept 14 fish and returned 3 to the water. A great day was had by all but unfortunately rain put a stop to the post match barbeque.

We were visited by 31 rods up to Saturday who caught 56 rainbow and 6 blue trout 44 fish were successfully returned to the water.

I must stress that at this time of year we must take extreme care not to stress fish when handling them and returning them to the lake.

Successful fly patterns: Dawson’s Olive, Kate McClaren, Diawl Bach, Muddler, Hoppers and Dabblers.


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