Fish Report 6th April, 2014

Sweethope Fishing Report 6th April 2014
Up until the week-end apart from Tuesday afternoon Sweethope has been a very misty and damp place. Tuesday’s sunshine saw fish breaking the surface all afternoon and evening, giving two members of the Benedictine club an excellent night’s sport, taking 3 rainbows and returning 8 fish.
The weekend has seen lots of activity: 10 rods caught 44 fish on Saturday and 19 fish were caught by another 10 rods today. In total this week 104 rods visited the fishery and caught 104 rainbow, 1 blue and 1 brown trout. 75 fish were returned to the water.
The best fish was caught by Mr.Dales of Whitley Bay and was estimated to weigh 4lb.
Most fish have been caught on lures but as the water temperature has improved natural patterns have been becoming more effective.
Successful fly patterns: Black Buzzer, Bloodworm, Damsel Flashback, Blue Flash Damsel, Tadpole, Emerger, orange Fritz, Orange Blob, Yellow Dancer,Olive Fritz, Dawson’s Olive.


Fish Report 30th March 2014

Sweethope Fishing Report 30th March 2014
Having restocked last week this seems an appropriate time to renew my weekly report from the fishery. Our stocking policy will be one of regular stocks of 300-500 fish from our suppliers in North Yorkshire. We and our customers were very pleased with these fish last season, they were in fine condition took well to the environment in Sweethope and gave a very spirited fight.
Our first week has been very successful and fish have been caught in both lakes. Despite the cold East wind fish have been located towards the surface as well as at depth.
Fish that have over-wintered are in great condition and the mild winter conditions have been very kind to existing stock.
We have been visited this week by 29 anglers who have caught a total of 23 Rainbow Trout from the Small Lake and 14 Rainbow and one Blue Trout from the Great Lake. 17 of these fish were returned to the lake.
Successful fly patterns: Cats Whisker, Yellow Dancer, Dawson’s Olive, Hare’s Ear, White Nomad, Black & Green, Buzzer.
Best fish: a 4lb over-wintered Rainbow Trout, caught today from the Small Lake by Mr.J. Telford of Co. Durham.


2014 price List

Sweethope 2014

We are open to trout fishing – as we have been throughout our snowless winter – and are expecting our first delivery of 300 fine trout averaging 2.5lb on March 21st, 2014.

Pike fishing will cease on March 15th, 2014.

The new price list for fishing in 2014:
Sporting ticket(catch and release)
4 hours…….£12

6 hours…….£17

8 hours…….£22
Take ticket (3 fish)
4 hours…….£20

6 hours…….£24

8 hours…….£28
Boat hire
4 hours…….£7

6 hours…….£10

8 hours…….£14
Motor and battery hire
4 hours…….£6

6 hours…….£8

8 hours…….£10
Parent & child (3 fish)
4 hours…….£22

6 hours…….£26

8 hours…….£30
Concessions: £2 off fishing tickets
We continue to not have any set session times, so that you can turn up at any time to start fishing. If are wanting an early start (i.e. before 8am) call Chris at the fishery on 01830 540 349 or Tony on his mobile on 07791707097.

There are 20 boats for hire as well as three engines – if you require an engine, please ring in advance.


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