Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report – Week ending 26/05/19

A large number of fishermen visited this week despite windy and damp conditions at the week-end. All were rewarded with some great fishing with hatches of mayfly, hawthorn fly and sedges coming off the water when the wind dropped.

Ashington Kingfishers visited on Sunday for their social competition which was won by Keith Row. 20 anglers participated, returning 95 fish at a rod average of 4.75.


Number of fish taken: 35

Number of fish returned: 502

Number of visiting anglers: 127

Successful fly patterns: Diawl bach, Dawson’s olive, buzzer, CDC, damsel, Kate McClaren, hopper, cruncher, fritz, klinkhammer, ptn, various small black dries.



Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report, Week ending 19/05/19

Some great sport this week with a tremendous hatch of Hawthorn Flies. Also proliferating were small green beetles which the trout were voraciously taking but were very hard to match. It was easier to go sub surface with an intermediate line.

Having said that it was reported that some success was had from foam daddies on the surface and various emergers.

Best result of the week was that of John Metcalfe and Billy Emery on Friday who brought 30 trout to the boat between them, fishing the Great Lough.

Northumbrian Water Anglers had a competition on Saturday. Heaviest fish was caught byDerek Bolton, weighing 2lb 15oz. heaviest bag was that of Gary Bolton: 3 trout for 7lb 3oz.

We stocked on Friday and both lakes are currently full of fish


Number of fish taken: 68

Number of fish returned: 344

Number of visiting anglers: 114

Successful fly patterns: Diawl bach, daddy, Dawson’s olive, buzzer, CDC, damsel, Kate McClaren klinkhammer, cat’s whisker, black spider, silver Invicta, midge, various dry fly patterns.



Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 012/05/19

Another busy week with some fine performances. Anthony Meadows and Harrison Douds brought over 50 fish to the net on Monday in an 8 hour session on the Great Lough. Lee Cartmail with a total of 40 fish and James Carr with a total of 30 did well on Saturday.

On Sunday we were hosts to the Ashington Kingfishers who held a loch style competition on the Great lough.

First was Alan Morton with a total of 8 fish for 8.68 kilos. Scott Nellins came in second with a bag of 7.98 kilos and  third was Steve Bowden at 7.63 kilos.

Honours were shared for heaviest fish at 1.20 kilos between Alan Morton, Scott Nellins, Keith Roe, John Taylor and John Cowell.

Best junior angler of the week was Evie Nicholson, aged 9 who brought 9 trout to the boat on Sunday, fishing the lower lough.



Number of fish taken: 27

Number of fish returned: 583

Number of visiting anglers: 90

Successful fly patterns: Diawl bach, black dabbler, bibio, damsel, bloodworm, ant, midge, buzzer, cormorant, PTN, Kate McClaren.



Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report – Week ending 05/05/19

Sweethope continues to fish well with anglers achieving great results from both lakes. Best performance of the week undoubtedly came from James Carr who returned 54 fish on Saturday to win the Troutmasters fish-off. Billy Emery wasn’t far behind with 30 to the net.

Stewart Younger also fared well on the lower lake on Sunday returning 25 rainbows and 2 blues. Phil Green fished the lower lake on Wednesday, bringing 1 brown and 36 rainbow trout to the net.

We will continue to stock the lake with healthy, strong rainbow and blue trout and will shortly be stocking some tiger trout.



Number of fish taken: 26

Number of fish returned: 279

Number of visiting anglers: 75

Successful fly patterns: blobs, buzzers, hare’s ear, damsel, Dawson’s olive, cormorant, dries.



Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 29/04/19

Conditions remain favourable at Sweethope with both lakes fishing extremely well. We have seen some great performances from M. McKenzie (26 to the boat) and Angus Slack (30 to the net) as well as all those practising and participating in the Scierra Pairs competition.

10 angling pairs competed this year with the winning pair, Alan McPhail and Gareth Tilley taking their bag of 8 trout, weighing a total of 20lb in just under an hour. Second and also qualifying to go forward to the final, held at Grafham Water were Jim Youngman and David Auld who took their 8 fish, weighing a total of 18lb 14 oz also in just under an hour. Both boats profited by fishing the west end of the lake even though this was a bigger travel.

The biggest fish was caught by Ross Cameron and John Wiliams’ boat and weighed 4lb 7oz.

Everyone caught their bag and then went on to enjoy a catch and release session in fine weather.


Number of fish taken: 99

Number of fish returned: 471

Number of visiting anglers: 85

Successful fly patterns: Buzzer, diawl bach, bibio, damsel, cormorant, PTN, cat’s whisker, Dawson’s olive



Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 21/04/19

We have just had a most successful week at Sweethope with some impressive catches. The fish were reported as fighting hard and being in great condition. Both lakes are performing with Anthony Meadows and Guy Nicholson bringing more than 60 trout to the boat on Wednesday on the Great Lough, Eric Caisley and Graham Sanderson bringing 40 to the boat on Saturday, also on the Great Lough. The Small Lough also fished well with John Whittonstall netting 40 trout on Friday, Stewart Younger and Peter Davison bringing 54 trout to the boat, fishing buzzers and Diawl bachs and Rob Frame and Harrison Dodds bringing 60 trout to the boat fishing buzzers.

The warmer weather is attracting fish and anglers, long may it continue!



Number of fish taken: 20

Number of fish returned: 495

Number of visiting anglers: 70

Successful fly patterns: Pink buzzer, black buzzer, diawl bach, cat’s whisker, bloodworm, Dawson’s olive, dries, damsel.



Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 14/04/19

Both lakes are fishing well. A cold Easterly wind has meant that fish are well down in the water, blob and lure fishing being effective. Some success has been achieved on buzzers, the performance of the week being from Eric Carmichael on Thursday, returning 30 rainbows to the lower lough. A pink buzzer was the go to fly pattern. Eric Caisley also did well on Thursday, returning 25 rainbow trout to the Great Lough. Eric was fishing a pink blob and black buzzer.

A very cold East wind on Sunday did the Hoy and Hope Club no favours for their first official visit of the year to Sweethope. Nevertheless nearly everyone caught their bag of 3 trout, the competition was won by Tommy Stevenson with a total weight of7lb 13 oz. Everyone was so cold when weighing in that we did not manage to record the heaviest fish!


Number of fish taken: 32

Number of fish returned: 127

Number of visiting anglers: 36

Successful fly patterns: Pink buzzer, pink blob, black buzzer, humongous, diawl bach, assorted buzzers and lures.



Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 07/04/19

A great week to start the 2019 season. Both lakes are well stocked and fishing well. Although it was cold mid week with snow and north easterly winds there has been some evidence of fish moving on the surface. Most of the action has been from lures and blobs but there has been some success from buzzers and bloodworms.

We entertained the Border Bears on Sunday who held a very successful competition day. 8 anglers took 22 fish and returned many more. The competition was won by Davie with 3 rainbows for 6lb 8 oz, returning a further 18 fish!



Number of fish taken: 32

Number of fish returned: 202

Number of visiting anglers: 40

Successful fly patterns: Cat’s Whisker, zonker, bloodworm, damsel, buzzer, blob, nomad, montana. PTN, hare’s ear.


Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report, week ending 21/10/18

As we move into Autumn and conditions cool and become more windy anglers are becoming thinner on the ground. In some of the more sheltered portions of the Great Lough fish are moving on the surface and some success has been had with emergers but most of the action has been with lures and sinking lines. A rod average of 2 indicates that there is still some sport to be had in the tail end of the season.


Number of fish taken: 1

Number of fish returned: 32

Number of visiting anglers: 16

Successful fly patterns: CDC, pheasant tail nymph, black lure, cat’s whisker, orange fritz, black fritz, cormorant.


Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report, week ending 7/10/18

The Great Lough continues to fish well in sheltered locations and as the wind decreases. Forecasts for the coming week are favourable, the best days look to be Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday but a lot may happen by then!

Stew Cameron caught 2 rainbows and a blue trout on Wednesday, fishing the Small Lough and returned 3 rainbow trout. Also on Wednesday, possibly the best day of the week, D. Thompson returned 10 rainbow trout and took 3, fishing the Great Lough.


Number of fish taken: 18

Number of fish returned: 59

Number of visiting anglers: 30

Successful fly patterns: Diawl bach, orange booby, buzzer, cat’s whisker, Dawson’s olive, buzzer, daddy, humungus, damsel. Nomad, olive bumble.


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