Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 2nd July 2017

Sweethope has been fishing well this week, Monday and Friday provided the best days but anglers have caught fish throughout the week. Monday’s best performance was that of Darren Howie who fishing both lakes managed a creditable 16 fish to the net fishing Shipman’s buzzer, hopper and bibio. The latter end of the week provided the best performance which was that of James Carr on Saturday, bringing 19 rainbows to the boat on the Great Lough, fishing a damsel.

This coming week-end we will be hosting the British Float Tube Association who are holding a competition at Sweethope.


Number of fish taken: 22

Number of fish returned: 224

Number of visiting anglers: 57

Successful fly patterns: Dun hopper, hare’s ear, cormorant, blob, sedgehog, olive emerger, montana, bibio, Shipman’s, black spider, damsel, ptn, muddler.


Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report – Week ending 25h June 2017

What a contrast in the weather this week. Heatwave at the start and very fresh winds at the week-end, accompanying a drop in temperature of over 10 degrees.

Catches of course have reflected this, Tuesday and Wednesday provided the best fishing Billy Emery and John Metcalf brought 17 fish to the boat on Tuesday on the Great Lough. On Wednesday Graham Sanderson and Eric Caisley brought 15 to the boat also on the Great Lough. Performance of the week-end was that of Stew Cameron who found some shelter on the Lower Lough, took 3 fish and returned 12 catching on Kate McClaren and a beadhead damsel.

Both lakes were stocked again on Friday.


Number of fish taken: 6

Number of fish returned: 75 rainbow, 4 blue and 1brown trout.

Number of visiting anglers: 46

Successful fly patterns: Olive damsel, buzzer, olive hopper, cat’s whisker, bead head damsel Kate McClaren, Ally McCoist.


Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 18th June 2017

Wind has been the predominant feature of this week’s weather followed by a bright, sunny week-end. Despite the sunshine Eddy Keers managed the performance of the week on the Lower Lough, bringing 26 fish to the boat. Jim Lumsden managed to land a huge 14lb 5oz rainbow on Tuesday, wading on the South bank of the Great Lough and fishing a cat’s whisker.

This week we will be getting on with the job of cutting weed in the Lower Lough which will be topped up with fresh stock on Friday. The Great lough has just been stocked.


Number of fish taken: 18

Number of fish returned: 110

Number of visiting anglers: 63

Successful fly patterns: Hopper, PTN, black & grey fritz, orange fritz, hare’s ear, sedgehog, damsel, yellow muddler, copper nymph cat’s whisker, klinkhammer, sedge, yellow foam beetle, CDC.


Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 11th June 2017

A mixed bag of weather and of results this week. Biggest enemy to the angler has been the wind but the Sweethope angler has also had to contend with torrential rain.

Nymph fishing has been the most effective technique, pheasant tails and diawl bachs being the most popular fly patterns.

On occasion fish have been tempted to the surface with dry flies and there have been lots of fish moving in the quiet periods between gusts of wind.

All in all though a difficult week let’s hope for better conditions this week.


Number of fish taken: 23

Number of fish returned: 66

Number of visiting anglers: 42

Successful fly patterns: Diawl bach, Pitsford pea, damsel, red buzzer, mayfly, pheasant tail nymph, dries, various nymphs


Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 4th June 2017

We have just experienced or busiest week of the season, playing host to the Brownie Club on Thursday and to the Nomads, who stayed in the cottages this week-end.

Best fish caught and released this week were a 12lb rainbow from a boat on the Great Lough by John Williams on a Kate McClaren and a 10lb rainbow caught from a float tube by Ashley Woodcock on a daddy.

Performance of the week was definitely that of John Williams and Ross Cameron on Friday with 25 rainbow trout and 3 blue trout to the boat.


Number of fish taken: 20

Number of fish returned: 237

Number of visiting anglers: 101

Successful fly patterns: Black Pennel, Kate McClaren, Cat’s Whisker, Dawson ‘s Olive, bibio, buzzer, sedgehog, diawl bach, daddy, Invicta, blob, bloodworm, damsel.


Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 28th May 2017

Another successful week at Sweethope with some notable catches. Performance of the week was from Kevin Dunn who netted 10 rainbows, returning one at 10 lbs plus and another at 13lb 4oz.

The weather has been warm with slight to moderate easterly winds culminating in an extremely hot day on Saturday. Water temperature in both lakes has risen and now stands at a more normal temperature for this time of year.

Unfortunately, the sunny weather did not extend to Sunday when the Ashington Kingfishers held their social meet and barbecue. 22 anglers attended and despite windy conditions managed a rod average of 3.2, bringing 71 trout to the net.

Conditions are looking favourable for the coming week and there are still plenty of specimen double figure fish to be had.


Number of fish taken: 14

Number of fish returned:280

Number of visiting anglers: 94

Successful fly patterns: dries, bibio, mini muddler, clan chief, black pennel, buzzer, Dawson’s olive, bloodworm, blob cormorant, damsel.


Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 21st May 2017

The weather has largely been kind to anglers this week, light south westerly winds turning to the east on Friday, a deluge on Saturday and moderate south westerlies yesterday. Warmer weather conditions have produced a great hatch of Hawthorn flies and of olives and the surface of both lakes are covered in insect life.

Notable performances this week have come from Kieran Holliday from Prudhoe with a 12lb rainbow, caught on Black & Peacock, Kevin Pick with a 9lb rainbow and Guy Nicholson with a 15lb rainbow, caught on a Tequila Blob.

Northumbrian Water Angling Club had a meet on Sunday and 7 anglers took 13 fish. Best performance was from Kevin Pick with 3 rainbow trout for 13lb 10oz.


Number of fish taken: 56

Number of fish returned: 212 rainbows, 8 brown trout.

Number of visiting anglers: 77


Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report – Week ending 14th May 2017

Warmer weather and more moderate winds have seen fish moving all over both lakes with plenty of natural brown trout. Brownies were especially to be found toward the North bank of the Great Lough. The best fish of the week was caught from a float tube and was a rainbow estimated to weigh about 13lb.

The lower Lough has been fishing extremely well and one of our visitors to the holiday cottages had a great holiday, catching and releasing 59 trout in 6 days.

On Sunday we were hosts to the Ashington Kingfishers for a very well attended club competition. 25 anglers competed against each other and a freshening westerly wind, bringing 81 fish to the boat: a rod average of 3.24. The event was won by Bruce Tait with a catch of 8 trout for 8.89 kg. a very close second was Keith Row with a catch of 8 fish for 8.84 kg., third was Scott Nellins with a catch of 6 fish for 8.29 kg.

Best fish of the day was a 2.14 kg. rainbow brought to the boat by David Yorke.


Number of fish taken: 19

Number of fish returned: 298

Number of visiting anglers: 85

Successful fly patterns: Hawthorn, Griffiths Gnat, bloodworm, muddler, buzzer, CDC, midge, Kate McClaren, hopper, damse, GRHE.



Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 1st May 2017

A cool easterly airstream has not put anglers off this week and the fishery has been very well attended by clubs and by individuals. We were visited by seven anglers from the DWP on Tuesday who had a very successful day fishing the Great Lough from boats. Best performance was from John Prudhoe who took 3 fish and returned 4. The biggest fish was a rainbow, weighing in at 13lb 14oz! Another fine performance was given by John Heppell who took 3 trout and returned 9.

Regular visitor Harry Robinson of Kirkharle narrowly missed out on catching a fish, of 10lb or over for the first time in his life by taking a rainbow weighing 9lb 7oz. Still a personal best though.

On Saturday we held our heat of the Troutmasters competition which was poorly attended due to other regional and national competitions taking place at the same time. James Carr of Blyth qualified, returning 11 trout to the lake in 6 hours of fishing.

Hoy and Hope visited on Sunday and after being fortified by Chrissie’s bacon sandwiches had a great day’s sport. The competition was won by  Claud Lucan with three trout for 7lb 10 oz, the heaviest of which was 2lb 14 oz.


Number of fish taken: 53

Number of fish returned: 142 rainbow trout, 2 brown trout, 4 blue trout.

Number of visiting anglers: 97

Successful fly patterns: Buzzer, Goldhead Mayfly, Pitsford Pea, Dawson’s Olive, Damsel Nymph,  Hare’s Ear, Bloodworm, PTN, Cormorant, Black Spider,Sedge, Black Emerger.


Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 30th April 2017

Another good week at Sweethope. Unseasonably cold and windy weather gave way to better conditions toward the week-end. Friday saw 10 rods take 6 and return 46 trout, Saturday saw 37 rods take 17 and return 105 trout. Best fish being a rainbow trout weighing in at 12lb 10oz caught from a boat on the Great Lough by James Carr from Blyth.

Other 12 lb plus fish were caught by John Barnes from Guide Post and John Williams from Morpeth.


Number of fish taken: 26

Number of fish returned: 188 rainbow trout, 6 brown trout.

Number of visiting anglers: 65

Successful fly patterns: Buzzer, Diawl Bach, Pitsford Pea, Damsel Nymph, Coves Nymph, Hare’s Ear, Bloodworm, PTN, Emerger.

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