Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report week ending 30/09/18

A cool and very windy week has given very challenging conditions to all visitors.

Northumbrian Water held a competition on Saturday which was won by Mr. D. Wilson who caught a bag of 3 trout, weighing 6lb 3oz., heaviest fish was taken by Mr. G. Bolton and weighed 2lb. 4oz. Compliments to all participants who braved winds gusting at over 30 mph!

On Sunday the wind abated slightly but conditions were still challenging for the Ashington Kingfishers who held a loch style competition. Best catch was that of David Long who returned 5 fish for 4.59 kilos. Second was Steve Bowden with3 fish for 3.30 kilos and third was Bruce Tait with 3 fish for 3.10 kilos. Heaviest fish was a brown trout returned by John Taylor, weighing 1.39 kilos . The heaviest rainbow was returned by Bruce Tait and weighed 1.29 kilos.

Well done to everyone , a great effort in challenging conditions.


Number of fish taken: 10

Number of fish returned: 44

Number of visiting anglers: 55

Successful fly patterns: Diawl bach, orange fritz, buzzer, cat’s whisker, Dawson’s olive, booby, orange blob.



Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report week ending 23/09/18


A cool north westerly air stream with some strong winds has tended to put the fish down in the water. Consequently lures have been the fly pattern of choice with the exception of the bottom lake where calmer conditions have allowed some good top of the water sport.

Number of fish taken: 4

Number of fish returned: 81

Number of visiting anglers: 40

Successful fly patterns: Diawl bach, cat’s whisker, Dawson’s olive, booby, orange blob, black fritz, damsel, black spider.



Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report, week ending 09/09/18

Things appear to be returning to normal windy weather patterns have returned and the water temperature is a respectable 13 degrees. Combined with a re-stock on Friday this means that most visiting anglers have been rewarded with fish. Anglers had a rod average of 3.

We hosted the “Hoy and Hope “ club on Sunday and a good day was enjoyed by all, despite the fresh and cool conditions.

The competition was won by Alec Harvey with a bag of 3 trout for 7.83 lb. Josh Piper and Willy Emery were equal second with a bag of 7.38 lb each. The heaviest fish was caught by Neil Turner and weighed in at 4.51 lb.


Number of fish taken: 48

Number of fish returned: 93

Number of visiting anglers: 46

Successful fly patterns: Sedge, dries, cat’s whisker, damsel, goldhead PTN .



Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report – Week ending 02/09/18

The last week has been particularly successful and conditions have been nigh on perfect towards the end of the week, overcast, warm and a slight ripple.

Most anglers have taken advantage with big catches: John Scott managed to return 4 to the small lake and 8 to the Great Lough on Tuesday, fishing a Kate McLaren, Rob Frame, fishing the Great Lough from a boat on Thursday returned 3 brown trout and 17 rainbows, fishing a Shipman’s buzzer and Andy Campbell returned 17 rainbows to the boat, fishing Daddies and cormorants on Saturday.


Number of fish taken: 10

Number of fish returned: 254

Number of visiting anglers: 76

Successful fly patterns: Black dabbler, bloodworm, PTN, cdc, diawl bach, cruncher, emergers, hoppers, daddies, cormorant,  black gnat, shipman’s buzzer, Kate McLaren.


Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report, week ending 26/08/18

Things are starting to return to normal now with an ambient water temperature of 13.5 degrees and with hatches of sedges and plenty of daddies there are plenty of dry fly opportunities in the more sheltered parts of the lake. With a ripple in other areas diawl bachs, cormorants and bibios fished under the surface have been the most successful patterns.

I have now received the results of the Jack Charlton competition which I have appended to the end of this report.

The best performance of the week was that of Eddie Keers, bringing 15 rainbow trout to the boat on the Small Lough, fishing with his favoured sedgehog.


Number of fish taken: 20

Number of fish returned: 122

Number of visiting anglers: 42

Successful fly patterns: Tequila blob, ginger emerger, dries, daddies, yellow dancer, black minkie, cat’s whisker, sedgehog, diawl bach, cormorant.



Jack Charlton Trophy’s – August 13th 2018 – Sweethope Loughs

Jack Charlton Cumbria & Northumbria Trout Cup – Best Bag

Paul King – 4 fish- 8lb.

Northern Game Angler J.C.D.A.A.  – Heaviest Bag on fly  (Boats)

Charles Cervantes – 3 fish – 6lb 4oz.

A.N.C. Rosebowl – Heaviest Bag on Worm

Dave Cormack – 4 fish – 6lb 15oz.

Salmon & Trout  Association Cup – Heaviest Fish on Fly

William Ashcroft – 3lb 2oz

Northern Bait Farms CupHeaviest Fish on Worm.

David Craven – 2 lb 10 oz.

J.C.D.A.A. –  Best Boat Pair

Charles Cervantes & Paul Scott – 5 fish –  9lb 11oz

David Mullarkey Shield – Angler of the Match

Hannah Boyes

John Redfern Memorial Trophy –  Best Junior Angler.

Daniel Hall –  1 fish – 2lb 3oz.

William Armstrong Cup – Best Bank Fly Angler

William Ashcroft – 3 fish – 6lb 14 oz.

Carlisle City Council Shield  –   Best Bank Wheelchair Angler

David Phillips – 1 fish – 2lb


Lowther Caravan Park Shield – Winning Club.

Azure Hexham – Average 3lb 3oz.

Top Boatman.

Ted Fenwick



Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report, Week ending 19/08/18

The fishing continues to improve as the weather returns to its more temperate norm.

The Jack Charlton Disabled Anglers event on Monday was a great success as was the Hog Roast which was enjoyed by all. There were some great catches but you will have to wait until my next post for the results as I am waiting for final confirmation from the organisers. A great big thankyou is due to all the anglers who turned out to help as boatmen and other volunteers. Without you the event would not have been the success it was!

Attendances have been reasonable for the rest of the week and both lakes are fishing well. We are starting to get some action on top of the water and perhaps in the coming weeks it will be time to give daddies and hoppers a try.


Number of fish taken: (outside Jack Charlton comp.) 6

Number of fish returned: 100

Number of visiting anglers: (outside Jack Charlton comp.) 30

Successful fly patterns: cormorant, buzzer, cat’s whisker, orange blob, hare’s ear, sedge, dries.



Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report, week ending 12/08/18

Fishing has improved as the week has progressed with some impressive catches being made at the week-end. John Williams and David Duncan, fishing the Great Lough from a boat managed to return 26 trout to the water as a regular float tube fisherman was returning 19 rainbow and 2 blue trout to the lake.

One can only hope that things will continue to improve as the water cools down.



Number of fish taken: 12

Number of fish returned: 95

Number of visiting anglers: 39

Successful fly patterns: bloodworm, goldhead, Gorgeous George, buzzer, U.V. brassie, green fritz.



Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report week ending 29/07/18

Sadly the recent rain has done little either to restore water levels or to cool down water in either lake. I have just been out and measured the water temperature in the Great Lough and it is currently averaging 18 degrees. A few cool nights and we may achieve more typical temperatures and be able to introduce some new stock.

We are hosting the Jack Charlton disabled fishing competition next month on the 13th August so fingers crossed the lakes cool down by then. Anyone interested in giving a hand on the day please get in touch with the fishery.

Please will all visiting anglers be careful handling fish, especially when fishing the bottom lake catch and release. Last week I cleaned out at least 10 dead fish. Hot weather and rough handling kill fish


Number of fish taken: 6

Number of fish returned: 13

Number of visiting anglers: 34

Successful fly patterns: Hare’s ear, bibio, cat’s whisker, olive snatcher, Dawson’s olive.



Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report, week ending 22/07/18

More of the same conditions but with a bit of wind of late to stir the water up and possibly cool it down.

Stwart Bettinson, staying at one of the holiday cottages had a great day on the Great Lough on Wednesday, bringing 6 trout to the boat, fishing dries. Thursday in similar conditions he blanked but the water temperature had increased by 2-3 degrees. Enough to put the fish off feeding and drive them down into deeper water!

On Saturday we hosted the British Float Tube Association and 8 anglers who took 12 fish and returned 13 safely to the lake.


Number of fish taken: 15

Number of fish returned: 34

Number of visiting anglers: 40

Rod average: 1.0

Successful fly patterns: Hare’s ear, black & brown, black foam spider, bibio, black muddler,cat’s whisker, assorted dries.


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