Sweethope fishery weekly report 10th July 2016

Mixed weather this week, including heavy showers and strong winds have not dampened the enthusiasm of visiting anglers. Monday was possibly the best fishing day of the week with a slight ripple and westerly breeze. 9 anglers caught 41 trout, including 2 wild brownies and several blue trout.

We were hosts to the Northumbria Police Angling Association who held their open competition on Thursday. 13 anglers attended and the competition was won by Malcolm Naylor who caught 8 fish, weighing 17lb 12oz. Rory Noble was second, third was Tony Barclay.

On a very windy day on Friday the advanced guard from the British Float Tube Association were able to try their luck on the more sheltered bottom lake and caught 30 rainbow and blue trout: a rod average of 15.

We hosted the association’s Sweethope competition on Saturday, attended by 8 float tubers. The competition was won by Andre Russell with a bag of 3 fish, weighing 10lb 12oz. The heaviest fish was a very respectable 5lb. In second place was Rik Dunnett and in third place Tony Barclay.

Mention has to be made of Messrs, Ibbotsen and York from the Ashington Kingfishers who also had a great day’s fishing on Saturday, bringing 12 rainbows each to the net and 2 blue trout. Hoppers and balloon caddis were the fly patterns that did the damage.


Number of fish taken: 70

Number of fish retuned: 225

Number of visiting anglers:72

Successful fly patterns: Dawson’s Olive, cat’s whisker daddy, hopper, cdc, snatcher, bibio, sedge, ptn, Kate McClaren.




Sweethope fishery weekly report 4th July 2016

Wet and windy has been this week’s story! Some shelter has been found at the west end of the lake with some results on dry fly but by and large until today it has been back to lures and sinking lines. The busiest day with the most fish caught was Sunday with damsels and cat’s whiskers being the most productive fly patterns.

Today conditions are calm and the forecast is set to stay that way for a while. New stock arrived on Thursday and fish are moving on the surface, time for dry fly fishing again.


Number of fish taken:                   16

Number of fish returned:             88

Number of visiting anglers:          40

Successful fly patterns: Damsel, Cat’s Whisker, muddler, buzzer, Dawson’s Olive, Montana.


Sweethope fishery weekly report 26th June 2016

A mixed week with some spectacular thunderstorms has made fishing somewhat unpredictable but some fine performances have been witnessed. Ken Glenton brought 14 rainbows to the net on Thursday, fishing buzzers and dries from the flat rocks at the East end of the lower lake. John Scott returned 11 rainbows to the water on Tuesday, fishing a brown hopper and a Shipman’s buzzer from the South bank of the Great Lough.

On Saturday we hosted 2 young anglers from the Angling Trust’s Gateway programme for a tutorial from Scott Nellins. The anglers; Adam Iveson and Callum Hindhaugh both caught and returned 2 rainbow trout, fishing booby and lures. One of the fish was carrying a souvenir of its previous encounter with an angler in the form of a fly lodged in the mouth.


Number of fish taken: 25

Number of fish returned: 115

Number of visiting anglers:69

Successful fly patterns: Hopper, sedge, ptn, bibio, Dawson’s Olive, hare’s ear, klinkhammer, cdc, black spider.


Sweethope fishery weekly report 20th June 2016

Overcast but still conditions have produced a great hatch of insect life on both lakes and most anglers have achieved success on dry fly patterns and nymphs.

Alan Morton especially enjoyed a great evening on Saturday, fishing dries from a boat on the top lake in perfect conditions.

Work in the bottom lake has been successful in clearing most of the weed some work remains to clear some of the shallower areas in the margins. A big thank you to Aqua Contractors from Moffat, all that remains now is for me to don my waders and pick up my scythe!


Number of fish taken this week: 20 rainbow and 4 blue trout

Number of fish returned: 120 rainbow ,23 blue and 8 brown trout

Number of visiting anglers: 75

Successful fly patterns: Sedge, hopper, orange nymph, mayfly, black and peacock, bibio, cdc, emergers, cat’s whisker.


Sweethope fishery weekly report 12th June 2016

A warm and sunny week at Sweethope with the weather not turning until Friday. Over the week-end damp and still conditions have produced a fine hatch and perfect conditions for fishing dry flies.

The fishery has welcomed two different organisations this week as well as a healthy number of private anglers. On Thursday we were hosts to the Brownie Club’s annual competition in brilliant, sunny weather and on Sunday we were very pleased to welcome the Northumberland Fly Tiers Guild to Sweethope for a competition which was hard fought and enjoyable.

Sunday’s competition was won by David Billbrough with the heaviest bag, weighing 8 lb 1oz. Heaviest fish was a rainbow, weighing 3lb 2oz, caught by Frank Thresher.

Also on Sunday MikeWatson, fishing with Joe Cook, brought 14 fish to the boat all of which were reported to have given a great fight.

On the bottom lake on Thursday, regular visitor Angus Slack managed to return 15 rainbow and 5 blue trout to the water.

This week contractors will be here on Wednesday and Thursday to deal with weed in the bottom lake.


Number of visiting anglers: 92

Number of fish taken: 75

Number of fish returned: 205

Rod average: 3

Successful fly patterns: Diawl bach, bibio, buzzer, cdc emergers, Dawson’s olive, hare’s ear, sedgehog, black pennel, hawthorn fly, cat’s whisker, soldier palmer, hopper, sedge, muddler.


Sweethope fishery weekly report. 5th June 2016

Both lakes have been fishing very well with anglers experiencing great sport on dry fly. We have seen some big fly hatches with sedges, hawthorn flies and may fly all being in evidence. The bright weather on Sunday has seen more fish being caught on intermediate lines and wet fly patterns.

Best fish of the wee was a 4lb blue trout, caught on a Sedgehog by Anthony Pick of Hexham on Saturday . Alan Reed , also from Hexham caught a nice 3lb 1oz rainbow on Sunday, fishing with a yellow dancer.

Ray Wilson had a brilliant day’s fishing on Friday catching and releasing 23 fish into the bottom lake.


Number of visiting anglers:    72

Number of fish taken: 50

Number of fish safely returned: 188

Rod average: 3.3

Successful fly patterns: Sedgehog, buzzers, hawthorn fly, f. fly, black dries, olive fritz, black fritz, yellow dancer, cat’s whisker.


Sweethope fishery weekly report. 29th May 2016

Both lakes are fishing well with the lower lake probably still having the edge. Fishing from the boat tied to one of the buoys appears to be the most productive way of angling. Mark Buddin and Kris Mullen from Newcastle getting 30 fish to the boat between them.

Both lakes were stocked by Northern Trout on Friday. All 2-3lb rainbow and blue trout.

I have been noticing one or two dead fish lately which I am sure are a result of pressure put upon the stock by catch and release fishing and careless handling. Please take care not to handle fish with dry hands. There is really no need to take them out of the water for photographs or to emulate fish kissing T.V. celebrities!

Finally, someone left behind three fine 2lb plus rainbows in a bass bag on Sunday, on the scales. I have kept the bag and cleaned the fish, putting them in the freezer if anyone comes to claim them.


Number of visiting anglers: 65

Number of fish taken: 36

Number of fish safely returned: 260

Successful fly patterns: Hawthorn, bibio, black hopper, daddy, Dawson’s olive, John Storey, diawl bach, zonker damsel, cormorant.




Sweethope fishery weekly report. 22nd May 2016

We have had a very busy week and many great catches have been recorded with the bottom lake perhaps performing slightly better than the Great Lough.

On Wednesday Ken Glenton and Neil Turnbull brought 34 fish to the net on the bottom lake and on Sunday, also from the bottom lake, fishing from one of the boats G. Appleby netted an unprecedented 42 and Mark Buddin 21 trout.

Northumbrian Water Angling Club held a competition on Saturday which was won by Mr. K. Pick with a bag of 3 fish, weighing a total of 6lb 3oz, returning 2 fish. Heaviest fish was taken by Dave Wilson and weighed 3lb 4oz.

Overall conditions have been variable through the week and fish have been evident on the surface of the water one minute and then gone deep the next. With more shelter from the wind the bottom lake has offered the easier fishing but North East winds have given the biggest challenge.


Number of visiting anglers: 99

Number of fish taken: 46

Number of fish returned: 259

Most effective fly patterns: Hopper, damsels, dancers, shipman’s buzzer, Kate McClaren, zonker, cat’s whisker, bloodworm, tadpole, gold fritz, hare’s ear, P.T.N., cdc.


Sweethope fishery weekly report. 15th May 2016

The end of the road works and much improved weather is resulting in more fishermen and more catches. Both lakes are performing well and many anglers are bringing ten or more fish to the net regularly. Angus Slack fishing on the small lake brought 19 rainbows and 10 blues to the net on Thursday with a Blue Flash Damsel and Ken Glenton managed to bring 24 rainbows and3 blues to the net the same day, fishing with buzzers and klinkhammer.

On Sunday we hosted a competition for the “Hoy and Hope” which was most successful. Just about everyone managed to make their 3 fish bag but the competition was won by 12 year old Jack Metcalf who bagged a total weight of 7lb 6oz and the heaviest fish, a blue trout, weighing 2lb 14oz. Second was Steve Cochrane with a bag of 6lb 13oz and third Tony Rowley with a bag of 7lb 1oz. 13 members of the club participated in total.


Number of fish taken: 75

Number of fish returned:230

Number of visiting anglers: 84

Successful fly patterns: Cormorant, diawl bach, G.R.H.E., black emerger, damsel, bloodworm, hopper, cdc, snatcher, cruncher, butcher.



Sweethope fishery weekly report. 8th May 2016

Warm weather and good conditions have brought more anglers and some great catches among which was David Todd’s notable 5lb 12oz brown trout. Most fish have been caught using wet flies and lures but some great sport has been had on occasion by those fishing with dries.

We hosted the Ashington Kingfishers for their Loch Style competition on Saturday which was won by Keith Row with a total weight of 8.77 kilos for 8 fish. A close second was Bruce Tait also with 8 fish for 8.76 kg. Third was Steve Bowden with 8 fish for 8.71 kg. The heaviest fish was caught by  Alan Morton, weighing 1.74 kg.

The rod average for the club members attending the competition was 6.5.

I am happy to report that the road appears to be clear now and hope that is the end to our inconvenience.


Number of visiting anglers: 70

Number of fish taken: 25

Number of fish returned: 302

Most effective fly patterns: Red Tag, Cruncher, Diawl Bach, Hare’s Ear, Olive Nomad, Black Emergers.

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