Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 23rd April 2017

This has been a tremendous week for the fishery with reasonable weather bringing on some fine angling performances. On occasion fish have been feeding on the top of the water and have been tempted by hoppers and by daddies but the majority of the sport in fresh conditions has been had on buzzer, diawl bach, bloodworm and lure.

We hosted a Scierra Pairs heat on Saturday which was well contested, 8 pairs entering. All pairs successfully filled their bag of 8 trout with the last pair returning after three and a half hours fishing. A time bonus was had by those filling their bags fastest, James Carr and partner returning after only 45 minutes fishing and gaining a bonus of 12lb 8oz.

Slow and steady won the race, however, as the last pair landed a trout, weighing in at 12lb 4oz winning the competition with a score of 35lb 6 oz.

The winners, Stevie Whitehead and Eck Moffat and runners up James Carr and partner go through to the final which will be fished later on in the year at Llyn Brennig.

Third were Ken Wanless and Billy Emery who missed out by only 9 oz including time bonus despite having the second heaviest bag of 18lb 3oz.


Number of fish taken: 63

Number of fish returned: 235 rainbow trout, 5 brown trout

Number of visiting anglers: 80

Successful fly patterns: diawl bach, buzzer, bloodworm, cat’s whisker, daddy, hopper, Dawson’s olive, Afghan black, damsel, Kate Mclaren, hare’s ear.



Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 16th April 2017

April continues to produce some very windy weather and until the end of the week the Great Lough has been barely fishable. Some sheltered spots at the West end of the lake have produced results. Calmer conditions at the end of the week have seen some remarkable catches. Friday was probably the best day with 10 rods bringing 76 trout to the net. Grant Downie and Mitch Fawcus returned 25 rainbows, James Carr 19. A. Tuber also did well, bringing17 rainbows to the net.

Saturday saw windy conditions return but Sunday saw the wind decrease all day but rain appear after lunch. Nevertheless most anglers caught fish.


Number of visiting anglers                            42

Number of fish taken                                     18

Number of fish returned                               132

Successful fly patterns :                                 Hare’s Ear, Damsel, Kate McClaren, Viva, Green Tailed Hare’s Ear, Dawson’s Olive, Cat’s Whisker, Invicta, Hopper, White Fritz, Bibio.


Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report, Week ending 9th of April 2017

A cold and windy start to the week provided challenging conditions on the Great Lough but more shelter on the Little Lough but the weather proved kinder towards the week-end when anglers enjoyed some good sport.

A good hatch of olives brought on some top of the water action on Saturday afternoon but the most effective fly have been blobs and buzzers.

Walter Robson did particularly well on Sunday afternoon, bringing 15 rainbow trout to the boat, fishing a damsel.

We are hosting a heat of the Scierra pairs competition on Saturday 22nd April and still have places available. Should you wish to enter contact Phil Dixon at www.scierrapairs.co.uk or Chris at the fishery.


Number of visiting anglers                            39

Number of fish taken                                     11

Number of fish returned                               83

Successful fly patterns : Pitsford pea, buzzers, orange blob, black & green lure, cat’s whisker, damsel, Pitsford pea.


Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report – Week ending 12th March 2017

24 rods attended our opening week-end, 12 on each day. Saturday produced a rod average of 1 with Chris Makepeace bringing 5 rainbows to the net. 1 was caught from the bank in the Great Lough, 4 from the bank on the lower Lough, mainly on buzzers.

Sunday produced a rod average of 3.5 with 8 rainbows from the Great Lough and 28 from the lower Lough. By far the best achievement was that of Tony Barclay in his float tube, bringing 16 fish to the net, catching on bloodworm and Pitsford pea.

Other successful fly patterns were: orange blob, Dawson’s Olive and Cat’s Whisker.

Best fish was a rainbow trout, caught on the Great Lough from the boat of Owen Ibbotsen and Dave Yorke weighing 3 1/2lb.

We will continue to stock both lakes regularly throughout the season, next stocking planned for 2 weeks time.


Sweethope fishery weekly report 31st October 2016

Water in both lakes continues to cool as the Autumn progresses and the majority of fish are to be found at deeper levels. Occasionally conditions have allowed some sport on the surface as fish are seen in the top of the water and can be tempted with the dry fly. Small black lures, however, have been the most successful patterns.

Best angling performances have been by Peter Carr of Blyth who brought 8 rainbows to the net on Tuesday, recording his best fish as weighing 6lb and son James who took 3 rainbows and released 6 on Friday. Peter was fishing with a Dawson’s Olive, James with a black Zonker.


Number of fish taken: 13

Number of fish returned: 68

Number of visiting anglers: 27

Successful fly patterns; Dawson’s olive, montana, viva, damsel, shipman’s buzzer, green fritz, cat’s whisker, black zonker, black lures.


Sweethope fishery weekly report 24th October 2016

Cooler temperatures and more autumnal weather have caused anglers to change tactics in order to connect with fish that now seem to be lower in the water. Lures are the patterns of choice for most anglers although in calmer conditions fish can be seen moving on the surface.

There have been fewer visiting anglers this week but a respectable rod average of 2.05.


Number of fish returned: 45

Number of fish taken: 2

Number of visiting anglers: 23

Successful fly patterns: Montana, olive cat’s whisker, prawn zest blob, shipman’s buzzer, black lure.


Sweethope fishery weekly report 17th October 2016

Autumn continues to provide excellent sport on both lakes. Most anglers have been fishing with lures and nymphs with great success. The best performance of the week was from temporary resident Mike Rawlings, staying in one of the holiday cottages. In 5 day’s angling he caught a total of 40 rainbow trout, mainly using a Klinkhammer and reported experiencing the best dry fly fishing of his career. This result was accomplished fishing from a boat on the lower lough.

Paul Talbot from Cramlington had a good day on Sunday, bringing 13 fish to the net, also from the lower lough. His heaviest fish was estimated to weigh 4lb and caught using a tinny.


Number of fish taken: 14

Number of fish returned to the water: 122

Number of visiting anglers: 32

Successful fly patterns: Klinkhammer, cat’s whisker, yellow dancer, black zonker, tinny, damsel, apps bloodworm.


Sweethope fishery weekly report 10th October 2016

The fishing has been excellent this week and has improved as time passed. Winds have been light there has been plenty of cloud cover and the water temperature is once again low enough to encourage the trout population to feed.

Buzzers, nymphs and wets have been most effective but on occasion the fish have been moving on the top of the water and hoppers and emergers have been effective.

Best performances of the week were on Saturday when Messrs. Thompson and Hodgson returned 21 fish to the water, including a 6lb rainbow trout and on Sunday when Messrs. Gadd and Speight returned 15 rainbow trout and one brown trout to the Great Lough.


Number of fish taken: 29

Number of fish returned: 95

Number of visiting anglers: 41

Effective fly patterns: Orange & peacock, hare’s ear, buzzer, black & peacock, olive, clan chief, cdc, black spider, cat’s whisker, bibio, hopper, shipman’s buzzer.


Sweethope fishery weekly report 3rd October 2016

High winds have led to a disappointing fall in the number of anglers visiting the fishery this week but catches remain encouraging. A good hatch of sedges and calmer weather resulted in the most successful day’s fishing of the week on Saturday with a rod average of 2.3 from 12 visiting anglers.


Number of fish taken: 12

Number of fish returned: 47

Number of visiting anglers: 30

Successful fly patterns: bibio, black pennel, cat’s whisker, daddy, treacle parkin, yellow dancer, silver Invicta.


Sweethope fishery weekly report 26th September 2016

A return to more seasonal Autumnal weather has increased the success rate of anglers at the fishery. More fish are moving about and appear to be more interested in taking flies. Added to this we re-stocked on Friday and this seems to have stirred matters up, especially in the small lake.


Number of fish taken: 16

Number of fish returned: 99

Number of visiting anglers: 67

Successful fly patterns: Dawson’s olive, snatcher, bibio, hopper, black peacock spider, black fritz, goldhead hare’s ear, teal & silver, muddler, silver Invicta, orange blob, daddy.

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