Sweethope fishery weekly report. 1st May 2016

The weather has been so appalling this week that anglers wisely stayed away, visiting on Monday, Saturday and Sunday only. Catches have been respectable though with very few blank sheets. Again success has been more likely in the afternoon when the water warms up and insects start to hatch out. The number of swallows on the water testify to the quantity of insect life.

Michael Watson and Joe Cook had 18 rainbows to the net on Sunday all weighing 2-3lb, remarking on the quality of the fish.  Tony Barclay and John Williams also did well with Tony bringing 12 fish to the boat. I don’t know how many fish John caught but every time I looked out of the kitchen window he seemed to have a fish on and he was reported to have been just as successful fishing the bottom lake.

We will be re-stocking on Thursday and are hosting the Ashington Kingfishers on Saturday for a competition.


Total number of fish caught: 54 (top lake) 22 (bottom lake)

Number of fish returned: 62

Number of visiting rods: 25

Most successful fly patterns: Olive, Montana, Black Fritz, Black Spider, Diawl Bach, Black Spider, P.T.N., Black Buzzer.


Sweethope fishery weekly report. 25th April 2016

Looking out of the window as I write this report I notice that it is unseasonably snowing, I hope the couple out on the Great Lough manage to find some fish!

Returns have been spectacular of late with all visiting anglers commenting on the quality of the fish. There have been insects hatching all over and a welcome return of swallows feeding on the water. The Osprey has also been sighted so Summer can’t be far behind.

On Friday Ross Cameron brought 23 fish to the boat, fishing with a Black Prince, Saturday saw an even more impressive performance from Walter Robson and Gary Hayes bringing 24 and 25 fish to the boat respectively, the most effective fly pattern being a damsel.

Yesterday we hosted a heat of the Scierra Pairs competition and again the lake fished well. James Carr and Steve Cochrane managed to catch their bag of 8 fish within 55 minutes. The competition was won by John Brown and Andy Campbell with a bag weighing 20lb 1oz, 2nd Dean Bell and Gordon Pollock with 19lb 10oz and 3rd James Carr and Steve Cochrane with a bag of 19lb. The results were very close and there were small margins of ounces between competitors. The best fish were caught by  Dean Bell and Peter Crowe, both fish weighing in at 3lb 15 oz.

Also on Sunday, on the small lake Ernie Craster from Norton brought 20 rainbow and 4 blue trout to the net, fishing with buzzers.


Number of fish taken: 61 rainbow trout

Number of fish returned: 296

Number of visiting rods:54

Successful fly patterns: Montana, Buzzers, Green Hopper, Fritz, Olive, Damsels, Driies, P.T.N., Diawl Bach, Cats Whisker, Emerger.


Sweethope fishery weekly report. 10th April 2016

Warmer temperatures and restocking policy have improved the fishing at Sweethope greatly and there have been some fine catches, especially over the week-end. John Williams and David Duncan had 35 rainbows to the boat on Saturday mainly on Damsels, James Carr and father had 16 to the boat on Sunday, Mitch Fawcus had 20 to the net on black lures and Grant Downie 10 on nymphs and P.T.N.

Last week many small flies were hatching and several anglers are starting to catch with floating lines and dries.

Next week-ends’ Troutmaster fish -off starts at 10.00. a.m. on Saturday but be here for 8.00. I will have some tea and coffee on the go.

The road should be open from the A.68 but if in doubt go via Ridsdale. No obstructions from Knowesgate just ignore the road closed signs.

Total number of visiting anglers: 40

Number of fish to the net:108 rainbow, 2 blue trout (Great Lough)

36 rainbow, 3 blue trout (Small Lough)

Number of fish taken: 18

Successful fly patterns: Black dries, olive, bloodworm, P.T.N. nymphs, Blob, Ally McCoist, Fritz (black & white) Damsels.



Sweethope fishery weekly report, 3rd April 2016

After a cold, wet and windy start to the week on Easter Monday conditions have steadily improved with fish moving on both lakes. The majority of catches have been made low down in the water with nymphs and lures being the most effective flies. The water is still quite cold and the best time to fish has been after lunch.

Number of visiting rods: 33

Fish taken: 12 rainbow trout

Fish returned: 53 rainbow trout, 2 blue trout

Best fly patterns: Black Bugger, Pennel, Diawl Bach, Tadpole, Damsel, Muddler, Orange Fritz, Orange Blob.


Sweethope Fishery Report 1st November 2015

A wet and windy start to the week gave way to much brighter and warmer conditions by the week-end. Fish are currently being caught from the top on hoppers, small dries and even daddies. Some catches have been made with intermediate line using lures such as cat’s whisker and on Sunday Tony Barclay had a respectable 9 rainbows to the net, fishing with, dabblers, a cat’s whisker and a candy floss booby.


Number of fish brought to the net: 55

Number of fish taken: 10

Number of visiting anglers: 31

Successful fly patterns: Black & Green Lure, Diawl Bach, Cat’s Whisker, Hoppers, Sedges, Booby, Daddy, Small Dries.


Sweethope Fishery Report 26th October 2015

Wednesday and Thursday were a right off as far as fishing was concerned, owing to the extremely strong westerlies but the early part of the week fished well. Richard Adamson had a good day on Tuesday, returning 10 rainbows to the lower lough. All were caught on a pink shrimp, suspended from a float indicator. On Monday Ray Wilson, fishing from a boat also on the lower lough returned 8 rainbows, these were all caught on one of his home tied diawl bachs which was looking pretty raggy by the end of the session but was still attracting fish.

The Great Lough has provided tougher conditions but catches have been made, principally with lures but some catches on small black dries.

The rod average for the Great Lough has been 1.5 while the average for the lower lough has been a much higher 4.75. Perhaps the place to go this week.

Conditions as I write this are quite pleasant with a light South-easterly wind and a slight ripple although the air is cool. Hopefully it will warm up a little.


Number of fish brought to the net: 48 rainbow trout.

Number of fish returned to the water: 27

Successful fly patterns: Pink Shrimp, Diawl Bach, Black Midge, Gold Fritz, Dawson’s Olive, Cat’s Whisker, Black & Green Lure.


Sweethope Fishery Report 18th October 2015

Catches from the top are getting rarer as things cool down but mid-week saw some better conditions and anglers managed to tempt fish with dries. The favoured patterns for most of the time, however have been damsel nymphs and cat’s whiskers.

The forecast for this week suggests that we may get some relief from the cold easterly winds which have been a feature of this week and that conditions may improve.


Number of fish brought to the net: 68 rainbow and 1 brown trout

Number of fish returned to the water: 46

Number of visiting anglers: 40

Successful fly patterns: Dial Bach, Brown Gnat, Black Dries, Gold Fritz, Cat’s Whisker, Orange Fritz, Hothead Damsel, Blue Flash Damsel, Green Nomad, Viva.


Sweethope Fishery Report 11th October 2015

A cool East wind has made fishing challenging but as ever when the wind has dropped fish have been rising to dry patterns such as hoppers and black gnats. Buzzer fishing has also provided results as have lures such as the Dawson’s Olive.

The largest fish of the week, a 6lb rainbow was brought to the net by Ray Wilson from a boat in the lunch hut bay and anglers enjoyed a rod average of 2.8.

Both lakes were stocked on Friday and are producing catches.


Number of fish brought to the net: 89 rainbows

Number of fish returned to the water: 80

Number of visiting anglers: 32

Successful fly patterns: Ace of Spades, bloodworm, bibio, hopper, buzzer, Cat’s Whisker, Dawson’s Olive, klinkhammer, cruncher, blue flash damsel, orange nomad, yellow dancer


Sweethope Fishery Report 4th October 2015

The mild, sunny weather has brought good conditions to the fishery. Early on in the week fish were mainly feeding in the margins of the Great Lough, making for tricky angling in the shallow water. The Little Lough provided conditions more favourable to the angler with many fish moving in the deeper water by the cottages.

By the end of the week the weather was less bright and numbers of fish caught increased as did visitor numbers to the fishery. Tony Barclay brought 10 fish to the net on Saturday from his float tube on the Great Lough, his most successful fly pattern being a cruncher. Grant Downie, again employing buzzers, wading in the Great Lough Brought 9 fish to the net and missed many more.

Best fish of the week were both estimated to be 5lb and were caught by Ken Ward in the Little Lough on Thursday and by M.Dixon of Prudhoe in the Great Lough on Sunday.


Number of fish brought to the net: 114 rainbow trout

Number of fish returned: 87

Number of visiting rods: 51

Successful fly patterns: Bloodworm, damsel, cruncher, buzzer, hopper, klinkhammer, Ally McCoist, sedge, spider, sugar cube, bibio, diawl bach.



Sweethope Fishery Report 27th September 2015

A very mixed week at Sweethope: Monday to Friday windy and cold with fish hard to find but Saturday and Sunday warmer and calmer with some great catches.

Rory Corbett did well on Monday to take 2 rainbows and bring a further 11 and one brown trout to the boat fishing the Great Lough.

On Saturday Jim Burtle, fishing the Little Lough took 3 rainbows and returned 15, Jim Lumsden took the biggest fish of the week, a rainbow weighing 4lb 12 0z.

Sunday saw Grant Downie put in the biggest return, bringing 13 rainbows to the net from the Great Lough, all except one on buzzers. We were also visited by Wark Angling Club who had an excellent morning. The competition was won by Philip Wanless with a bag of three trout, weighing 7 lb 12oz.


Number of fish brought to the net: 162 rainbow, 1 blue and 1 brown trout.

Number of fish taken: 37

Number of visiting anglers: 56

Successful fly patterns: Daddy Muddler, Ace of Spades, CDC Shuttlecock, Orange Lure, nymph, Blue Flash Damsel, Spider, Orange Fritz, Buzzer, Bibio, Hopper.

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