Sweethope fishery weekly report 19th September 2016

More settled conditions this week with some very unseasonal warm, bright weather towards the week-end making fishing very difficult. With the water now cooling down we will be re-stocking at the end of this week- probably on Friday. It is to be hoped that this livens up the resident fish population.

Club visitors this week included on Saturday 5 anglers from Alston and 5 anglers from Dalston.


Number of fish taken: 26

Number of fish returned to the water: 30

Number of visiting anglers: 54

Successful fly patterns: Blue/green, klinkhammer, Shipman’s buzzer, buzzer, diawl bach, Invicta.


Sweethope fishery weekly report 12th September 2016

Varied conditions this week but a forecast for more settled conditions next week should Improve catches. The Lower Lough has again been the more productive of the two Saturday saw Nick Dales bring 11 rainbows to the net fishing with small black hoppers. Yesterday Mathew Daric from Consett brought the best fish of the week to the net, a 6lb 2oz rainbow. He and his fishing partner, Aaron Copeland accounted for another 12 trout and a jack pike, fishing with buzzer, chammy and blob.


Number of fish taken: 11

Number of fish returned: 68

Number of visiting anglers: 45

Successful fly patterns: John Storey, size 18 black dry, green bloodworm, black Shipman’s buzzer, booby cat, Dawson’s olive, black hopper, corrixa, grey fritz, buzzer, chammy, blob.


Sweethope fishery weekly report 5th September 2016

Conditions have been slowly turning more Autumnal lately but warm water and winds have caused fish to be deep. When on the surface they have mainly feeding on very small insects which are quite hard to imitate but on occasion good sport has been had on Daddies and hoppers.

Again those fishing the  lower Lough have been more successful than those fishing the Great Lough and fishing from a boat has been more successful than from the bank.


Number of fish taken: 14

Number of fish returned: 50

Number of visiting anglers: 40

Successful fly patterns: Daddy, black gnat, Invicta, diawl bach, hopper, shipman’s buzzer, klinkhammer, buzzer, Dawson’s Olive, lures.


Sweethope fishery weekly report 29th August 2016

Bright sunshine, strong winds and heavy showers have all been part of this week’s story making fishing on the Great Lough especially a bit challenging. The small lough has been fishing well and providing some great takes on Daddies and on hoppers.

Some good fishing on the Great Lough too with Jim Tuck and Lee Cartmail bringing 6 fish each to the boat on Sunday, Michael Hall managed 8 to the net on the same day.

Sunday also saw the annual visit of the Kelso Angling Association who caught and took 29 fish: a rod average of 1.3. The heaviest fish was taken by Tam Brown who weighed in a rainbow at 3lb 15 oz. The heaviest bag of 3 fish was caught by Peter Hottinger and weighed 7ln 1oz.

Winner of the return ticket draw this week was Alan Tait who can claim a 4 hour catch and release session on his next visit.


Number of fish taken: 46

Number of fish returned: 75

Number of visiting anglers: 85

Successful fly patterns: Dawson’s olive, hopper, viva, damsel nymph, daddies, small black cdc, silver Invicta, red buzzer, booby.



Sweethope fishery weekly report 22nd August 2016

The weather has been a lot kinder to us all this week and some great day’s angling have been enjoyed by all our visitors. On average each day has produced 19 fish and until the week-end we were strangers to the wind and rain which have been a feature of this season.

On a point of management it is becoming increasingly difficult to compile the statistics for this weekly report as a few anglers are not completing their fish returns. Please could you do this for me, whether you are taking or returning fish. As an incentive all completed returns will be put in a weekly draw the winner receiving a complimentary 4 hour catch and release ticket.


Number of fish taken: 12

Number of fish returned: 107

Number of visiting anglers: 75

Successful fly patterns: Claret bumble, white lure, bloodworm, bibio, damsel nymph, dries, cdc, black emerger, daddy, hopper, cat’s whisker.


Sweethope fishery weekly report 15th August 2016

Another week of strong winds and showers. By Sunday it was starting to quieten down a bit but the cool northerly wind was gusting to  at least double the forecast 10 mph. As a result anglers have found conditions hard. The lower lake has proved the easiest to fish but results have been achieved on both.

Three members of the Dalston Angling Club visited on Tuesday, taking 9 fish and returning 8 to the lower lake, fishing from boats. Hoppers proved to be the most effective fly pattern.

Sunday saw a great catch from a boat on the Great Lough, Robbie Bell and Bob Cockburn returned 20 Rainbow Trout to the water, the heaviest was recorded as being 5lb. The most effective fly pattern was a Daddy.

Also on Sunday we hosted the Lady kirk and Norham Angling Association who held the annual Oliver Purvis Cup competition. The competition was won by Dean Cockburn with a bag of 3 fish, weighing 7lb 8oz. Second was Jim Yeomans (3 fish for 7lb 7oz) and third was Jim Cameron (3fish for 6lb 11oz)


Number of fish taken: 33

Number of fish returned: 116

Number of visiting anglers: 70

Effective fly patterns: Daddy, hopper, Klinkhammer, buzzer, sedge, damsel, blob, p.t.n. white fritz.


Sweethope fishery weekly report 1st August 2016

Despite cooler conditions, dominated by prevailing fresh westerly winds water temperatures in both lakes remain high. As a consequence fish are a little lethargic and will not be actively chasing lures. A well presented nymph or dry pattern will achieve results and there have been some creditable angling performances over the week.

We were hosts to the Weardale fly fishers on Sunday who held a boat competition. This was won by Tony Nattrass with a bag of 3 rainbow trout, weighing 6lb 12 oz.


Number of fish taken: 25

Number of fish returned: 167 rainbow, 10 brown and 8 blue trout.

Number of visiting anglers: 90

Successful fly patterns: Teal-blue & silver, daddy, yellow muddler, hopper, sedge, orange fritz, bibio.


Sweethope fishery weekly report 25th July 2016

Lighter winds and warm weather have led to hatches of many different insects on the surface but the trout’s food of choice at present appears to be water snails. Many fish have been caught on dries but the majority have been attracted by buzzers and diawl bach.

Saturday saw Nick Dales bring 17 fish to the net, fishing just below the dam on the Lower lough. Rob Frame and Stew Younger brought 2 brown and 19 rainbow trout to the boat, Steve Cochrane and Paul Sherrington also brought 20 rainbow trout to the boat.

On Sunday Lee Cartmail had a good day , bringing11 rainbow and 1 blue trout to the boat.

Conditions have changed as I write this and we are now back to experiencing cooler westerly influenced weather. This should cool down the water and improve conditions.


Number of fish taken                                                       17

Number of fish returned                                               165

Number of visiting anglers                                             56

Successful fly patterns: Buzzer, Shipman’s, Diawl Bach, Yellow Owl, Olive Midge, Pheasant Tail Shuttlecock, Sedge, White Fritz.


Sweethope fishery weekly report 18th July 2016

Fresh westerlies for most of the week have made the Lower lough the best proposition for fishing this week. Thursday, however, saw some fantastic sport from boat on the Great Lough: David Duncan and John Williams had 2 brown trout and 27 rainbows to the boat, Robbie Bell and partner 1 brown, 3 blue and 18 rainbow trout.

The Lower Lough fared just as well with Tony Barclay bringing 21 rainbows to the net from his float tube. This performance was put into shade on Sunday by Grant Downie and Mitchell Fawcus who brought 45 rainbow trout, 5 blue trout and one huge pike to the boat. The pike weighed in the region of 12 lb and was caught on a minkie and 6lb leader.


Number of fish taken:19

Number of fish returned: 209

Number of visiting anglers: 54

Successful fly patterns: Silver Ivicta, Mallard & Claret, Muddler, Daddy, Bibio, Buzzer, Olive Lure, Hopper, Shipman’s Buzzer, Hare’s Ear.


Sweethope fishery weekly report 10th July 2016

Mixed weather this week, including heavy showers and strong winds have not dampened the enthusiasm of visiting anglers. Monday was possibly the best fishing day of the week with a slight ripple and westerly breeze. 9 anglers caught 41 trout, including 2 wild brownies and several blue trout.

We were hosts to the Northumbria Police Angling Association who held their open competition on Thursday. 13 anglers attended and the competition was won by Malcolm Naylor who caught 8 fish, weighing 17lb 12oz. Rory Noble was second, third was Tony Barclay.

On a very windy day on Friday the advanced guard from the British Float Tube Association were able to try their luck on the more sheltered bottom lake and caught 30 rainbow and blue trout: a rod average of 15.

We hosted the association’s Sweethope competition on Saturday, attended by 8 float tubers. The competition was won by Andre Russell with a bag of 3 fish, weighing 10lb 12oz. The heaviest fish was a very respectable 5lb. In second place was Rik Dunnett and in third place Tony Barclay.

Mention has to be made of Messrs, Ibbotsen and York from the Ashington Kingfishers who also had a great day’s fishing on Saturday, bringing 12 rainbows each to the net and 2 blue trout. Hoppers and balloon caddis were the fly patterns that did the damage.


Number of fish taken: 70

Number of fish retuned: 225

Number of visiting anglers:72

Successful fly patterns: Dawson’s Olive, cat’s whisker daddy, hopper, cdc, snatcher, bibio, sedge, ptn, Kate McClaren.



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