Sweethope Fishery Report 14th September 2015

We have experienced a rather better week in respect of visiting anglers who have largely been rewarded with some great sport. The exception was Saturday which had been booked for Alston Anglers’ annual visit and experienced some of the worst conditions of the year with fresh winds and torrential rain. Ken Little managed to take 3 rainbows to win the competition.

Sunday was a different kettle of fish with light winds from the South West and no rain. 15 visiting anglers brought 45 fish to the net, Nick Dales and Grant Downie accounting for ten each mainly on dries and buzzers.

The fly patterns used this week suggest the varied nature of the fishing and we have topped the stock up on Saturday so there are now even more fish to test your skills against.


Total fish brought to the net: 132 rainbow and 3 brown trout

Number of fish taken: 28

Number of visiting anglers: 66

Successful fly patterns: Buzzers, Okey Dokey, Diawl Bach, Daddy, Bibio, John Storey, beetle, CDC, Hoppers, Damsels, Cat’s Whisker, Dawson,s Olive.


Sweethope Fishery Report 6th September 2015

Perhaps as a result of the school holidays coming to a close the number of anglers visiting the fishery has been disappointing despite conditions being favourable. Catches have been impressive for those who have come to fish and those visiting on Sunday have done particularly well. Bob Cockburn and father brought 16 fish to the boat, Lucy Bowden and boat partner Howard 16 fish and Robbie Bell 11.

Conditions were windy and bright and the forecast for this week is light to moderate south easterly winds and variable cloud cover.


Number of fish brought to the net: 135 rainbow, 9 blue and 8 brown trout.

Number of fish taken: 10

Number of visiting anglers: 49

Successful fly patterns: Cruncher, Olive Worm, CDC Shuttlecock, Black CDC, Daddy, Dawson’s Olive, Daddy, Black Gnat, Damsel, Black Bits.


Sweethope Fishery Report 31st August 2015

Apart from the usual angling activities, Sweethope has been host to a film crew this week as anglo- saxon warriors camped out by the lower Lough. I can’t give too much away but one of them may have had an argument with a big fish and come off second best. Thankfully the same fate has not befallen any of our more traditional visitors who have resorted to no more than rod and line and tangled only with trout no bigger than 4lb!

We were visited on Sunday by the Kelso Angling Association who brought 23 members to the Lough for a competition. Heaviest bag was shared by Andy McHarg and Derek Halliday at 6lb 8oz and the heaviest fish was landed by Alan McHarg and weighed in at 3lb 1oz. Apart from the 3 fish that he weighed in, Ronnie Glass returned 7rainbow, 2 blue and 1 brown trout to the water.

On the lower Lough Ian Wade had a successful morning fishing from one of the boats and returned 21 rainbow and 1 blue trout. In the afternoon Terry Richmond returned 11 and kept 3 rainbows, fishing from the same spot.


Number of fish brought to the net: 190 rainbow, 16 blue and 7 brown trout.

Number of fish taken:72.

Visiting rods: 76

Successful fly patterns: buzzers, daddies, klinkhammer, consett budgie, spider, G.R.H.E., bibio, sedge, muddler, hopper, cat’s whisker, Dawson’s Olive.


Sweethope Fishery Report 23rd August 2015

Some good conditions this week but latterly an East wind has given anglers a challenge. Never the less good results have been achieved by most visitors. Wednesday saw 14 rods bring 33 fish to the net, Thursday saw 11 rods bring 22 fish to the net.

A further delivery of fish to both lakes on Friday may liven affairs up for next week.


Number of fish brought to the net:124 rainbow, 1blue and 2brown trout.

Number of fish returned to the water: 87

Number of visiting anglers: 68

Successful fly patterns: Peter Ross, Bibio, Hopper, Chammy, oldier Palmer, Black & Peacock, Diawl Bach, Buzzer, Sedge, Muddler, Whickham’s Fancy, Damsel, Spider, Daddy, Orange Fritz, Cat’s Whisker, Dawson’s Olive.


Sweethope Fishery Report 16th August 2015

Bright sunshine all week apart from Friday which was very wet, especially in the morning. As a result the rod average has been down on previous weeks. The water temperature has come down to a reasonable level so that we put some new stock in on Friday and will repeat the operation next week.

We were visited by Northumbrian Water Game Angling Club on Sunday who held a boat competition. Heaviest bag of three fish went to Phil Waggett with a total of 6lb 5oz. Heaviest fish was a 4lb 14oz rainbow, caught by David Turnbull.


Fish brought to the net: 69 rainbow, 1 blue and 2 brown trout

Fish safely returned to the water: 49

Number of visiting rods: 75

Successful fly patterns: yellow midge, yellow hopper, daddy, snipe and purple, GRHE, diawl bach, goldhead dawson’s, cat’s whisker, blob, black/green f-fly, assorted dries.


Sweethope Fishery Report 9th August 2015

Most action this week has been on dries although fish have been shy of showing themselves as the wind and sun conditions change from minute to minute. Visitors have managed to make some fine catches. The team of J. and M. Hedley netted a 5lb rainbow from the Great Lough on Tuesday on an orange fritz, Joe Pooley took a 4lb 6oz fish from the lower Lough on Thursday with a snipe and purple and James Carr brought a 5lb 10 oz fish to the boat in the Great Lough on Friday with an F Fly.


Number of fish caught: 126 rainbow, 3 blue and 12 brown trout.

Number of fish returned safely to the water: 124

Visiting rods: 17

Successful fly patterns: Muddler, Black Gnat, Orange Fritz, CDC, Buzzer, Ginger Hopper, F Fly, Snipe & Purple, Kate McClaren.


Sweethope Fishery Report 2nd August 2015

Not a very productive start to the week with strong winds, lashing rain and few visitors but things have improved and by the end of the week conditions have been excellent. Cool water and light winds plus cloud cover have seen some great sport on dries.

Fish of the week was a 5lb7oz blue trout, caught by James Carr on Friday evening with a Diawl Bach and the biggest bag went to Rob Frame who brought 12 fish to the boat on Sunday. The Lower Lough also fished well on Sunday with W Jamieson bringing 7 rainbows to the net and Gary Parmley 2 rainbows and 3 blue trout all on buzzers.


Number of fish caught: 96 rainbows, 5 blue and 5 brown trout.

Number of fish returned to the water: 97

Number of visiting rods: 47

Successful fly patterns: Red Tag, Bob’sBits, Buzzer, Black and Peacock, PTN, Snipe and Purple, Muddler, Hopper, Diawl Bach, Clan Chief, Black Dries, Black Beetle, Dawson’s Olive.


Sweethope Fishery Report 26th July 2015

Cooler weather and some rain have dropped the water temperature of both lakes still further, improving conditions. Most anglers have had successful visits but the fishery probably performs best at the beginning and at the end of the day at present.

There have been some notable fish caught and returned to the lake: probably the best of them was the 5lb rainbow brought to the boat by Ryan Tones on Monday from a boat on the Small Lough. Stevie Bowden from the Ashington Kingfishers had a good evening on Saturday, bringing 9 rainbow and 1 blue trout to the net. All were reported to have been caught on a Daddy, despite the fact that none of that species were in evidence upon the water.


Number of fish caught: 164 rainbow, 13 blue and 2 brown trout.

Number of fish returned to the water: 163

Number of visiting rods: 62

Successful fly patterns: Daddy, Black & Peacock Spider, Red Tag, Diawl Bach, Muddler, Bibio, Black Hare’s Ear, Yellow Dancer, Black Fritz, Dawson’s Olive, Emerger, Damsel, Griffiths Gnat, Cruncher.


Sweethope Fishery Report 20th July 2015

Another good week at Sweethope. The early half of the week fished well but the latter half was plagued by strong winds. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were most productive with most fish caught on dry fly. By the week-end the fish had gone deep and catches were achieved by the use of nymphs and lures.

On Saturday we were visited by members of the British Float Tube Association who had to use the Lower Lough on account of the very strong winds. 7 anglers caught 14 trout but the competition was won by Dick Barton with a bag of 3 fish, weighing 8lb 3oz, caught within 2 hours.

I have just been out on the lake in flat calm conditions to measure the temperature and I am happy to report that I recorded 15 degrees on the Great Lough and noticed insect life all over the surface with associated fish activity. Hopefully this will continue!


Number of fish brought to the net: 140 rainbow, 8 blue and 1 brown trout

Number of fish returned safely to the water: 122

Number of visiting anglers: 74

Successful fly patterns: klinkhammer, olives, yellow owl shuttlecock, daddy, black hopper, sedge, CDC, shipman’s buzzer, buzzer, diawl bach, goldhead damsel, nymphs, orange lure, Dawson’s Olive.


Sweethope Fishery Report 12th July 2015

Water temperature remains warm, measured at 18 degrees C on Sunday morning but wet colder weather is cooling both loughs. Best of the fishing has been the south bank and far west end of the Small Lough has provided some good catches, including the heaviest fish of the week, a 6lb 2oz rainbow, caught by Terry Richmond.

There has been lots of insect life hatching out in the warm, damp conditions and small dry flies have been most effective. Visiting rods have achieved a rod average of 2.6.


Number of fish brought to the net: 152 rainbow, 10 blue and 4 brown trout

Number of visiting anglers: 77

Number of fish returned safely: 129

Successful fly patterns: Hoppers, sedges, F Fly, Klinkhammer, bibio, diawl bach, hare’s ear, hare’s ear shuttlecock, okey dokey, PTN, cat’s whisker, Dawson’s Olive.

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