Price List
4 hours 6 hours 8 hours
Catch and Release£12£17£22
Catch and Keep£20 (3 fish)£24 (3 fish)£28 (3 fish)
Parent and Child£14 (C&R) £22 (3 fish)£19 (C&R) £26 (3 fish)£24 (C&R) £30 (3 fish)
Boat Hire£7 (per boat)£7 (per boat)£7 (per boat)
Engine & Battery£6£6£6
  • There is a £2  concession off fishing tickets.
  • We offer special discounts for club bookings, where you will also find catering prices.
  • 2 hour tickets can be purchased on demand at the half price of 4 hours.
  • Please note that we currently do not take credit card payments – only cash.
  • The prices are not applicable to VAT or any other surcharges.
  • There are 20 boats for hire and three engines – please contact us in advance if you require an engine.

If you have any queries or questions about prices or would like to book in advance, please contact us.