Sweethope 2015 Opening hours and policy

Sweethope remains primarily a fly fishery and angling activities will always take precedence. We will be open for fishing from March to December and the office will be manned from 8.00a.m. until 5.00.p.m. If the fishery manager is not about later or earlier than these times simply fill in your ticket, put your fees in the envelope provided and post it through the returns box. You are welcome to fish as early or as late as you want during the hours of daylight.

There may be some water sports and other activities taking place at the venue but these will be controlled by our associates from Beck’s Training and will not impinge upon anglers’ enjoyment of their sport.

As a result of suggestions from visiting anglers we will be placing 4moorings and 2 rowing boats on the lower lake next week.

There will be a single occupancy boat rate of £5 instead of £7, £7 instead of £10 and £10 instead of £14 for 4, 6 and 8hour hire. This should help reduce the cost of fishing for those who do not have a boat partner with whom to share costs.

For those who would like to come and fish the evening rise we will introduce a flat charge of £6 for a 2hour session. Anyone who wishes to take fish can do so and pay for their fish at a flat rate of £4 per fish.

Finally I will introduce a loyalty card next week. Once you have 5 stamps you will be entitled to a free 4hour session with a boat.

I hope these changes meet with your approval and look forward to seeing you soon.

Chris Slack


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