Sweethope Fishery Report 26th October 2015

Wednesday and Thursday were a right off as far as fishing was concerned, owing to the extremely strong westerlies but the early part of the week fished well. Richard Adamson had a good day on Tuesday, returning 10 rainbows to the lower lough. All were caught on a pink shrimp, suspended from a float indicator. On Monday Ray Wilson, fishing from a boat also on the lower lough returned 8 rainbows, these were all caught on one of his home tied diawl bachs which was looking pretty raggy by the end of the session but was still attracting fish.

The Great Lough has provided tougher conditions but catches have been made, principally with lures but some catches on small black dries.

The rod average for the Great Lough has been 1.5 while the average for the lower lough has been a much higher 4.75. Perhaps the place to go this week.

Conditions as I write this are quite pleasant with a light South-easterly wind and a slight ripple although the air is cool. Hopefully it will warm up a little.


Number of fish brought to the net: 48 rainbow trout.

Number of fish returned to the water: 27

Successful fly patterns: Pink Shrimp, Diawl Bach, Black Midge, Gold Fritz, Dawson’s Olive, Cat’s Whisker, Black & Green Lure.


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