Sweethope Fishery Report 27th September 2015

A very mixed week at Sweethope: Monday to Friday windy and cold with fish hard to find but Saturday and Sunday warmer and calmer with some great catches.

Rory Corbett did well on Monday to take 2 rainbows and bring a further 11 and one brown trout to the boat fishing the Great Lough.

On Saturday Jim Burtle, fishing the Little Lough took 3 rainbows and returned 15, Jim Lumsden took the biggest fish of the week, a rainbow weighing 4lb 12 0z.

Sunday saw Grant Downie put in the biggest return, bringing 13 rainbows to the net from the Great Lough, all except one on buzzers. We were also visited by Wark Angling Club who had an excellent morning. The competition was won by Philip Wanless with a bag of three trout, weighing 7 lb 12oz.


Number of fish brought to the net: 162 rainbow, 1 blue and 1 brown trout.

Number of fish taken: 37

Number of visiting anglers: 56

Successful fly patterns: Daddy Muddler, Ace of Spades, CDC Shuttlecock, Orange Lure, nymph, Blue Flash Damsel, Spider, Orange Fritz, Buzzer, Bibio, Hopper.


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