Sweethope Fishery Report 29th March 2015

The new stock has now arrived and has been a welcome addition to the over-wintered fish already resident in both lakes. We will plan to stock the fishery on a regular basis fortnightly. One quarter of those stocked will be put in the bottom lake. We will also be introducing some larger, specimen fish, up to double figures in weight.

The week-end has been subject to rain and strong winds but fishing from the bank on the lower lake on Friday James Carr managed to catch 10 rainbows, returning 7. Saturday saw 5 anglers catch 35 rainbows and blues, Steve Cochrane and Brad Mackie catching and returning 17 rainbows from a boat on the Great Lough.

Most fish were in between 2 and 3 lb but the largest was closer to 4lb. About half of the fish caught were over wintered fish in fine condition after another fairly mild Winter.

Rods visiting fishery: 10

Fish caught: 38 rainbows, 10 blues

Rod average: 4.8

Successful fly patterns: Black Booby, Black Lure, Orange Blob, Yellow and Coral Blob, Cats Whisker, Yellow Dancer.


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