Sweethope Fishery Report 31st August 2015

Apart from the usual angling activities, Sweethope has been host to a film crew this week as anglo- saxon warriors camped out by the lower Lough. I can’t give too much away but one of them may have had an argument with a big fish and come off second best. Thankfully the same fate has not befallen any of our more traditional visitors who have resorted to no more than rod and line and tangled only with trout no bigger than 4lb!

We were visited on Sunday by the Kelso Angling Association who brought 23 members to the Lough for a competition. Heaviest bag was shared by Andy McHarg and Derek Halliday at 6lb 8oz and the heaviest fish was landed by Alan McHarg and weighed in at 3lb 1oz. Apart from the 3 fish that he weighed in, Ronnie Glass returned 7rainbow, 2 blue and 1 brown trout to the water.

On the lower Lough Ian Wade had a successful morning fishing from one of the boats and returned 21 rainbow and 1 blue trout. In the afternoon Terry Richmond returned 11 and kept 3 rainbows, fishing from the same spot.


Number of fish brought to the net: 190 rainbow, 16 blue and 7 brown trout.

Number of fish taken:72.

Visiting rods: 76

Successful fly patterns: buzzers, daddies, klinkhammer, consett budgie, spider, G.R.H.E., bibio, sedge, muddler, hopper, cat’s whisker, Dawson’s Olive.


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