Sweethope Fishery Report 6th April

The weather has steadily here as the wind drops and the temperature improves. Fish are starting to show on the top and the new stock are starting to show their faces, although at least 50 percent of the fish caught in the Great Lough   have been over wintered. We aim to get some more fish next week to boost the levels in both lakes.

Anglers have been catching well but not without some effort and the best fish of the week was a 4lb 8oz rainbow caught by Mr.P Green in the Lower Lough.

In all; 39 Anlers caught 86 rainbow and 5 blue trout. 85 fish were returned.

Successful fly patterns: Orange Fritz, Black Lure, Mini Cat, Dawson’s Gold Head, Bloodworm,Slug, G.R.H.E. and Black Hopper.


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