Sweethope fishery weekly report. 10th April 2016

Warmer temperatures and restocking policy have improved the fishing at Sweethope greatly and there have been some fine catches, especially over the week-end. John Williams and David Duncan had 35 rainbows to the boat on Saturday mainly on Damsels, James Carr and father had 16 to the boat on Sunday, Mitch Fawcus had 20 to the net on black lures and Grant Downie 10 on nymphs and P.T.N.

Last week many small flies were hatching and several anglers are starting to catch with floating lines and dries.

Next week-ends’ Troutmaster fish -off starts at 10.00. a.m. on Saturday but be here for 8.00. I will have some tea and coffee on the go.

The road should be open from the A.68 but if in doubt go via Ridsdale. No obstructions from Knowesgate just ignore the road closed signs.

Total number of visiting anglers: 40

Number of fish to the net:108 rainbow, 2 blue trout (Great Lough)

36 rainbow, 3 blue trout (Small Lough)

Number of fish taken: 18

Successful fly patterns: Black dries, olive, bloodworm, P.T.N. nymphs, Blob, Ally McCoist, Fritz (black & white) Damsels.



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