Sweethope fishery weekly report 10th July 2016

Mixed weather this week, including heavy showers and strong winds have not dampened the enthusiasm of visiting anglers. Monday was possibly the best fishing day of the week with a slight ripple and westerly breeze. 9 anglers caught 41 trout, including 2 wild brownies and several blue trout.

We were hosts to the Northumbria Police Angling Association who held their open competition on Thursday. 13 anglers attended and the competition was won by Malcolm Naylor who caught 8 fish, weighing 17lb 12oz. Rory Noble was second, third was Tony Barclay.

On a very windy day on Friday the advanced guard from the British Float Tube Association were able to try their luck on the more sheltered bottom lake and caught 30 rainbow and blue trout: a rod average of 15.

We hosted the association’s Sweethope competition on Saturday, attended by 8 float tubers. The competition was won by Andre Russell with a bag of 3 fish, weighing 10lb 12oz. The heaviest fish was a very respectable 5lb. In second place was Rik Dunnett and in third place Tony Barclay.

Mention has to be made of Messrs, Ibbotsen and York from the Ashington Kingfishers who also had a great day’s fishing on Saturday, bringing 12 rainbows each to the net and 2 blue trout. Hoppers and balloon caddis were the fly patterns that did the damage.


Number of fish taken: 70

Number of fish retuned: 225

Number of visiting anglers:72

Successful fly patterns: Dawson’s Olive, cat’s whisker daddy, hopper, cdc, snatcher, bibio, sedge, ptn, Kate McClaren.




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