Sweethope fishery weekly report 10th October 2016

The fishing has been excellent this week and has improved as time passed. Winds have been light there has been plenty of cloud cover and the water temperature is once again low enough to encourage the trout population to feed.

Buzzers, nymphs and wets have been most effective but on occasion the fish have been moving on the top of the water and hoppers and emergers have been effective.

Best performances of the week were on Saturday when Messrs. Thompson and Hodgson returned 21 fish to the water, including a 6lb rainbow trout and on Sunday when Messrs. Gadd and Speight returned 15 rainbow trout and one brown trout to the Great Lough.


Number of fish taken: 29

Number of fish returned: 95

Number of visiting anglers: 41

Effective fly patterns: Orange & peacock, hare’s ear, buzzer, black & peacock, olive, clan chief, cdc, black spider, cat’s whisker, bibio, hopper, shipman’s buzzer.


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