Sweethope fishery weekly report 12th September 2016

Varied conditions this week but a forecast for more settled conditions next week should Improve catches. The Lower Lough has again been the more productive of the two Saturday saw Nick Dales bring 11 rainbows to the net fishing with small black hoppers. Yesterday Mathew Daric from Consett brought the best fish of the week to the net, a 6lb 2oz rainbow. He and his fishing partner, Aaron Copeland accounted for another 12 trout and a jack pike, fishing with buzzer, chammy and blob.


Number of fish taken: 11

Number of fish returned: 68

Number of visiting anglers: 45

Successful fly patterns: John Storey, size 18 black dry, green bloodworm, black Shipman’s buzzer, booby cat, Dawson’s olive, black hopper, corrixa, grey fritz, buzzer, chammy, blob.


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