Sweethope fishery weekly report 17th October 2016

Autumn continues to provide excellent sport on both lakes. Most anglers have been fishing with lures and nymphs with great success. The best performance of the week was from temporary resident Mike Rawlings, staying in one of the holiday cottages. In 5 day’s angling he caught a total of 40 rainbow trout, mainly using a Klinkhammer and reported experiencing the best dry fly fishing of his career. This result was accomplished fishing from a boat on the lower lough.

Paul Talbot from Cramlington had a good day on Sunday, bringing 13 fish to the net, also from the lower lough. His heaviest fish was estimated to weigh 4lb and caught using a tinny.


Number of fish taken: 14

Number of fish returned to the water: 122

Number of visiting anglers: 32

Successful fly patterns: Klinkhammer, cat’s whisker, yellow dancer, black zonker, tinny, damsel, apps bloodworm.


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