Sweethope fishery weekly report 18th July 2016

Fresh westerlies for most of the week have made the Lower lough the best proposition for fishing this week. Thursday, however, saw some fantastic sport from boat on the Great Lough: David Duncan and John Williams had 2 brown trout and 27 rainbows to the boat, Robbie Bell and partner 1 brown, 3 blue and 18 rainbow trout.

The Lower Lough fared just as well with Tony Barclay bringing 21 rainbows to the net from his float tube. This performance was put into shade on Sunday by Grant Downie and Mitchell Fawcus who brought 45 rainbow trout, 5 blue trout and one huge pike to the boat. The pike weighed in the region of 12 lb and was caught on a minkie and 6lb leader.


Number of fish taken:19

Number of fish returned: 209

Number of visiting anglers: 54

Successful fly patterns: Silver Ivicta, Mallard & Claret, Muddler, Daddy, Bibio, Buzzer, Olive Lure, Hopper, Shipman’s Buzzer, Hare’s Ear.


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