Sweethope fishery weekly report. 1st May 2016

The weather has been so appalling this week that anglers wisely stayed away, visiting on Monday, Saturday and Sunday only. Catches have been respectable though with very few blank sheets. Again success has been more likely in the afternoon when the water warms up and insects start to hatch out. The number of swallows on the water testify to the quantity of insect life.

Michael Watson and Joe Cook had 18 rainbows to the net on Sunday all weighing 2-3lb, remarking on the quality of the fish.  Tony Barclay and John Williams also did well with Tony bringing 12 fish to the boat. I don’t know how many fish John caught but every time I looked out of the kitchen window he seemed to have a fish on and he was reported to have been just as successful fishing the bottom lake.

We will be re-stocking on Thursday and are hosting the Ashington Kingfishers on Saturday for a competition.


Total number of fish caught: 54 (top lake) 22 (bottom lake)

Number of fish returned: 62

Number of visiting rods: 25

Most successful fly patterns: Olive, Montana, Black Fritz, Black Spider, Diawl Bach, Black Spider, P.T.N., Black Buzzer.


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