Sweethope fishery weekly report. 22nd May 2016

We have had a very busy week and many great catches have been recorded with the bottom lake perhaps performing slightly better than the Great Lough.

On Wednesday Ken Glenton and Neil Turnbull brought 34 fish to the net on the bottom lake and on Sunday, also from the bottom lake, fishing from one of the boats G. Appleby netted an unprecedented 42 and Mark Buddin 21 trout.

Northumbrian Water Angling Club held a competition on Saturday which was won by Mr. K. Pick with a bag of 3 fish, weighing a total of 6lb 3oz, returning 2 fish. Heaviest fish was taken by Dave Wilson and weighed 3lb 4oz.

Overall conditions have been variable through the week and fish have been evident on the surface of the water one minute and then gone deep the next. With more shelter from the wind the bottom lake has offered the easier fishing but North East winds have given the biggest challenge.


Number of visiting anglers: 99

Number of fish taken: 46

Number of fish returned: 259

Most effective fly patterns: Hopper, damsels, dancers, shipman’s buzzer, Kate McClaren, zonker, cat’s whisker, bloodworm, tadpole, gold fritz, hare’s ear, P.T.N., cdc.


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