Sweethope fishery weekly report 25th July 2016

Lighter winds and warm weather have led to hatches of many different insects on the surface but the trout’s food of choice at present appears to be water snails. Many fish have been caught on dries but the majority have been attracted by buzzers and diawl bach.

Saturday saw Nick Dales bring 17 fish to the net, fishing just below the dam on the Lower lough. Rob Frame and Stew Younger brought 2 brown and 19 rainbow trout to the boat, Steve Cochrane and Paul Sherrington also brought 20 rainbow trout to the boat.

On Sunday Lee Cartmail had a good day , bringing11 rainbow and 1 blue trout to the boat.

Conditions have changed as I write this and we are now back to experiencing cooler westerly influenced weather. This should cool down the water and improve conditions.


Number of fish taken                                                       17

Number of fish returned                                               165

Number of visiting anglers                                             56

Successful fly patterns: Buzzer, Shipman’s, Diawl Bach, Yellow Owl, Olive Midge, Pheasant Tail Shuttlecock, Sedge, White Fritz.


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