Sweethope fishery weekly report 29th August 2016

Bright sunshine, strong winds and heavy showers have all been part of this week’s story making fishing on the Great Lough especially a bit challenging. The small lough has been fishing well and providing some great takes on Daddies and on hoppers.

Some good fishing on the Great Lough too with Jim Tuck and Lee Cartmail bringing 6 fish each to the boat on Sunday, Michael Hall managed 8 to the net on the same day.

Sunday also saw the annual visit of the Kelso Angling Association who caught and took 29 fish: a rod average of 1.3. The heaviest fish was taken by Tam Brown who weighed in a rainbow at 3lb 15 oz. The heaviest bag of 3 fish was caught by Peter Hottinger and weighed 7ln 1oz.

Winner of the return ticket draw this week was Alan Tait who can claim a 4 hour catch and release session on his next visit.


Number of fish taken: 46

Number of fish returned: 75

Number of visiting anglers: 85

Successful fly patterns: Dawson’s olive, hopper, viva, damsel nymph, daddies, small black cdc, silver Invicta, red buzzer, booby.



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