Sweethope fishery weekly report. 29th May 2016

Both lakes are fishing well with the lower lake probably still having the edge. Fishing from the boat tied to one of the buoys appears to be the most productive way of angling. Mark Buddin and Kris Mullen from Newcastle getting 30 fish to the boat between them.

Both lakes were stocked by Northern Trout on Friday. All 2-3lb rainbow and blue trout.

I have been noticing one or two dead fish lately which I am sure are a result of pressure put upon the stock by catch and release fishing and careless handling. Please take care not to handle fish with dry hands. There is really no need to take them out of the water for photographs or to emulate fish kissing T.V. celebrities!

Finally, someone left behind three fine 2lb plus rainbows in a bass bag on Sunday, on the scales. I have kept the bag and cleaned the fish, putting them in the freezer if anyone comes to claim them.


Number of visiting anglers: 65

Number of fish taken: 36

Number of fish safely returned: 260

Successful fly patterns: Hawthorn, bibio, black hopper, daddy, Dawson’s olive, John Storey, diawl bach, zonker damsel, cormorant.




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