Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report, week ending 01/07/18

The heatwave continues, I have just been out on a boat measuring the water temperature across the Great Lough and it averages 20 degrees c. The fish are not in a mood for feeding and the bright sunlight is keeping them down in the water.

Considering the conditions some very good catches have been made. Dave Moody and Jim Foreman brought 8 rainbows to the boat on Monday and after a very early start Eric Caisley managed to return 10 rainbows, also fishing from a boat on the Great Lough.

Conditions are still best first thing in the morning.

Number of fish taken:10

Number of fish returned: 38

Number of visiting anglers: 45

Rod average: 1

Successful fly patterns: Black foam spider, bibio, black buzzer, green blob, pink bunny leech, booby, bob’s bits.


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