Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report – Week ending 02/09/18

The last week has been particularly successful and conditions have been nigh on perfect towards the end of the week, overcast, warm and a slight ripple.

Most anglers have taken advantage with big catches: John Scott managed to return 4 to the small lake and 8 to the Great Lough on Tuesday, fishing a Kate McLaren, Rob Frame, fishing the Great Lough from a boat on Thursday returned 3 brown trout and 17 rainbows, fishing a Shipman’s buzzer and Andy Campbell returned 17 rainbows to the boat, fishing Daddies and cormorants on Saturday.


Number of fish taken: 10

Number of fish returned: 254

Number of visiting anglers: 76

Successful fly patterns: Black dabbler, bloodworm, PTN, cdc, diawl bach, cruncher, emergers, hoppers, daddies, cormorant,  black gnat, shipman’s buzzer, Kate McLaren.


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