Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report, week ending 09/09/18

Things appear to be returning to normal windy weather patterns have returned and the water temperature is a respectable 13 degrees. Combined with a re-stock on Friday this means that most visiting anglers have been rewarded with fish. Anglers had a rod average of 3.

We hosted the “Hoy and Hope “ club on Sunday and a good day was enjoyed by all, despite the fresh and cool conditions.

The competition was won by Alec Harvey with a bag of 3 trout for 7.83 lb. Josh Piper and Willy Emery were equal second with a bag of 7.38 lb each. The heaviest fish was caught by Neil Turner and weighed in at 4.51 lb.


Number of fish taken: 48

Number of fish returned: 93

Number of visiting anglers: 46

Successful fly patterns: Sedge, dries, cat’s whisker, damsel, goldhead PTN .



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