Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 11th June 2017

A mixed bag of weather and of results this week. Biggest enemy to the angler has been the wind but the Sweethope angler has also had to contend with torrential rain.

Nymph fishing has been the most effective technique, pheasant tails and diawl bachs being the most popular fly patterns.

On occasion fish have been tempted to the surface with dry flies and there have been lots of fish moving in the quiet periods between gusts of wind.

All in all though a difficult week let’s hope for better conditions this week.


Number of fish taken: 23

Number of fish returned: 66

Number of visiting anglers: 42

Successful fly patterns: Diawl bach, Pitsford pea, damsel, red buzzer, mayfly, pheasant tail nymph, dries, various nymphs


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