Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report – Week ending 16/06/19

The fishery is still in tremendous form with a high attendance on most days despite very wet weather.

Simon Carney and partner had a great day on Saturday on the Great Lough catching 38 fish between them. Favoured fly patterns were a Dawson’s olive and a muddler.

Anthony Meadows is to be congratulated for organising a competition in  aid of the RNLI on Sunday. 28 anglers attended and £450 was raised for the charity. The most fish of the day brought to the net was 19 by James Carr who won the competition and the inaugural Malcolm Proudlock trophy.

A blind partner competition was shared between 3 pairs of anglers who shared the total of 24 fish. The pairs were Ryan Mathews and Tom Nelson, Anthony Meadows and Jim Tuck and Philip Raisbeck and Alan Richardson.

A big thank you to all involved.



Number of fish taken: 10

Number of fish returned: 480

Number of visiting anglers: 95

Successful fly patterns: CDC, buzzer, squirmy, shammy, hare’s ear nymph, muddler, olive dancer, booby cat, diawl bach, blob.



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