Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 16th April 2017

April continues to produce some very windy weather and until the end of the week the Great Lough has been barely fishable. Some sheltered spots at the West end of the lake have produced results. Calmer conditions at the end of the week have seen some remarkable catches. Friday was probably the best day with 10 rods bringing 76 trout to the net. Grant Downie and Mitch Fawcus returned 25 rainbows, James Carr 19. A. Tuber also did well, bringing17 rainbows to the net.

Saturday saw windy conditions return but Sunday saw the wind decrease all day but rain appear after lunch. Nevertheless most anglers caught fish.


Number of visiting anglers                            42

Number of fish taken                                     18

Number of fish returned                               132

Successful fly patterns :                                 Hare’s Ear, Damsel, Kate McClaren, Viva, Green Tailed Hare’s Ear, Dawson’s Olive, Cat’s Whisker, Invicta, Hopper, White Fritz, Bibio.


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