Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 18th June 2017

Wind has been the predominant feature of this week’s weather followed by a bright, sunny week-end. Despite the sunshine Eddy Keers managed the performance of the week on the Lower Lough, bringing 26 fish to the boat. Jim Lumsden managed to land a huge 14lb 5oz rainbow on Tuesday, wading on the South bank of the Great Lough and fishing a cat’s whisker.

This week we will be getting on with the job of cutting weed in the Lower Lough which will be topped up with fresh stock on Friday. The Great lough has just been stocked.


Number of fish taken: 18

Number of fish returned: 110

Number of visiting anglers: 63

Successful fly patterns: Hopper, PTN, black & grey fritz, orange fritz, hare’s ear, sedgehog, damsel, yellow muddler, copper nymph cat’s whisker, klinkhammer, sedge, yellow foam beetle, CDC.


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