Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report, Week ending 19/05/19

Some great sport this week with a tremendous hatch of Hawthorn Flies. Also proliferating were small green beetles which the trout were voraciously taking but were very hard to match. It was easier to go sub surface with an intermediate line.

Having said that it was reported that some success was had from foam daddies on the surface and various emergers.

Best result of the week was that of John Metcalfe and Billy Emery on Friday who brought 30 trout to the boat between them, fishing the Great Lough.

Northumbrian Water Anglers had a competition on Saturday. Heaviest fish was caught byDerek Bolton, weighing 2lb 15oz. heaviest bag was that of Gary Bolton: 3 trout for 7lb 3oz.

We stocked on Friday and both lakes are currently full of fish


Number of fish taken: 68

Number of fish returned: 344

Number of visiting anglers: 114

Successful fly patterns: Diawl bach, daddy, Dawson’s olive, buzzer, CDC, damsel, Kate McClaren klinkhammer, cat’s whisker, black spider, silver Invicta, midge, various dry fly patterns.



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