Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 21/04/19

We have just had a most successful week at Sweethope with some impressive catches. The fish were reported as fighting hard and being in great condition. Both lakes are performing with Anthony Meadows and Guy Nicholson bringing more than 60 trout to the boat on Wednesday on the Great Lough, Eric Caisley and Graham Sanderson bringing 40 to the boat on Saturday, also on the Great Lough. The Small Lough also fished well with John Whittonstall netting 40 trout on Friday, Stewart Younger and Peter Davison bringing 54 trout to the boat, fishing buzzers and Diawl bachs and Rob Frame and Harrison Dodds bringing 60 trout to the boat fishing buzzers.

The warmer weather is attracting fish and anglers, long may it continue!



Number of fish taken: 20

Number of fish returned: 495

Number of visiting anglers: 70

Successful fly patterns: Pink buzzer, black buzzer, diawl bach, cat’s whisker, bloodworm, Dawson’s olive, dries, damsel.



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