Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 23rd July 2017

Happily the road situation is back to normal mow and customers from the Morpeth direction do not have to travel miles out of their way any longer.

Both loughs are cooling down slowly and by the end of the week fish were feeding on naturals. Most fish remain deep, however and lures such as Cat’s Whiskers are catching fish. Mac Arhcbold from Cramlington had a good day on Friday, returning 8 rainbow trout to the Small Lough. On Saturday Anthony Dinsmore returned an 3lb brown trout and 10 rainbow trout to the Small Lough. The biggest of the rainbows was about 7lb. These fish were all caught on a hawthorn fly. Also on dries, this time a carrot fly, Lee Cartmail returned 1 brown, 1 blue and 9 rainbow trout to the Great Lough.

On Sunday two pairs were successful: on the Great Lough Paul Tweddle and Neil Hodgeson returned 1 brown and 24 rainbow trout to the Great Lough. Simon Nichols and Guy Nicholson returned 21 rainbow and 1 blue trout to the Small Lough.


Number of fish taken: 7

Number of fish returned: 135

Number of visiting anglers: 54

Successful fly patterns: Cat’s Whisker, carrot fly, hawthorn bibio, diawl bach, black hopper, cormorant, sedge, black beetle, Kate McClaren, PTN, zonker.


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