Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report – Week ending 25h June 2017

What a contrast in the weather this week. Heatwave at the start and very fresh winds at the week-end, accompanying a drop in temperature of over 10 degrees.

Catches of course have reflected this, Tuesday and Wednesday provided the best fishing Billy Emery and John Metcalf brought 17 fish to the boat on Tuesday on the Great Lough. On Wednesday Graham Sanderson and Eric Caisley brought 15 to the boat also on the Great Lough. Performance of the week-end was that of Stew Cameron who found some shelter on the Lower Lough, took 3 fish and returned 12 catching on Kate McClaren and a beadhead damsel.

Both lakes were stocked again on Friday.


Number of fish taken: 6

Number of fish returned: 75 rainbow, 4 blue and 1brown trout.

Number of visiting anglers: 46

Successful fly patterns: Olive damsel, buzzer, olive hopper, cat’s whisker, bead head damsel Kate McClaren, Ally McCoist.


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