Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report Week ending 27th August 2017

Sweethope has been well attended again this week and all anglers have been rewarded by some great fishing and some hard fighting trout. Ample hatches of insect life have led to some great top of the water action on dry fly.

Neil Hodgson from Stanhope did particularly well on Tuesday, bringing 19 rainbow and 2 brown trout to the boat, fishing shuttlecock. Another fine performance was that of Rob Frame on Sunday. Boat  fishing with  a black Shipman’s buzzer, Rob successfully returned 22 rainbow trout to the Great Lough.

The Small Lough also fished well. Stew Younger safely returned 13 rainbows, fishing dries and boat pair Dicky Lawson and Johnny Thackray returned 1 blue and 16 rainbow trout, their best fly being a dog nobbler.


Number of fish taken: 33

Number of fish returned:196

Number of visiting anglers: 63

Successful fly patterns: Black buzzer, PTN, green spider, cdc, yellow buzzer, shuttlecock, Shipman’s buzzer, blue flash damsel, muddler, dog nobbler.


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