Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report week ending 29/07/18

Sadly the recent rain has done little either to restore water levels or to cool down water in either lake. I have just been out and measured the water temperature in the Great Lough and it is currently averaging 18 degrees. A few cool nights and we may achieve more typical temperatures and be able to introduce some new stock.

We are hosting the Jack Charlton disabled fishing competition next month on the 13th August so fingers crossed the lakes cool down by then. Anyone interested in giving a hand on the day please get in touch with the fishery.

Please will all visiting anglers be careful handling fish, especially when fishing the bottom lake catch and release. Last week I cleaned out at least 10 dead fish. Hot weather and rough handling kill fish


Number of fish taken: 6

Number of fish returned: 13

Number of visiting anglers: 34

Successful fly patterns: Hare’s ear, bibio, cat’s whisker, olive snatcher, Dawson’s olive.



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