Sweethope Fishery Weekly Report – Week ending 7/07/19

Another successful and busy week at Sweethope. The Northumbria Police Angling Club held their Open Competition on Thursday which was well attended. Heaviest bag of 3 fish was caught by Rory Noble at 9lb 13 oz. The heaviest individual fish was a 5lb. 7oz. rainbow, caught by Tony Barclay.

Individual performers have done well, Anthony Meadows brought 17 trout to the boat on Friday whilst father and son team Derek and David Todd managed to bring 22 trout to the boat on Tuesday.

On Saturday the British Float Tube Association paid their annual visit to Sweethope. Most successful angler was Mick Woodcock who caught 3 and returned 4 fish. His most successful fly was a yellow snake.


Number of fish taken: 66

Number of fish returned: 209

Number of visiting anglers: 93

Successful fly patterns: Hoppers, cdc, orange fritz, bloodworm, Kate McClaren, buzzers, Dawson’s olive, diawl bach, Shipman’s, black gnat, daddy.



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