Sweethope Fishing Report 14th July

A gradual rise in water temperature has made fishing more difficult as the week has progressed. Saturday night’s rainstorm did nothing to alleviate this and in point of fact warm water running off warm rocks only served to increase water temperature!

I measured the water temperature at 20 degrees C on Sunday afternoon in the Great Lough but happily water temperature has decreased to 15 degrees C. this morning and should herald some easier fishing.

We were visited this week by 71 rods who caught 77 rainbow, 2 blue and 1 brown trout. 56 fish were returned to the water.

Sunday proved to be the hardest day but Mr.Watts who travelled all the way from Belgium to fish here was rewarded with a fine rainbow of 2lb 11oz and a brown trout.

Successful fly patterns: Black Beetle, Diawl Dach, Connemara Black, Daddies, Nymphs, Sedges, Buzzers, Dabblers and various wets.

July 2014 - a


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