Sweethope Fishing Report 16th June

Yet again a busy week at the fishery. Conditions have been warm and close most of the week and the consequently warm water temperature has made for some challenging fishing. Both lakes have produced fine fish but Mr. Lofthouse’s  4lb 12oz rainbow caught yesterday in the Great Lough was the fish of the week.

Some anglers have done very well with catches of up to 20 fish with Tony Barclay regularly achieving double figures from his float tube.

Visitors included the Brownie Club who held their annual meet followed by dinner at a neighbouring hotel.

Total number of rods visiting the fishery: 73

Fish caught: 187 rainbows, 2 blue, 5 brown trout.

Fish returned: 121

Successful fly patterns: Kate McClaren, Black Beetle, Black Emerger, Daddy, Olive Damsel, Black Spider, Black Pennel,  Dawson,s Olive, Cormorant, White Fritz, Cat’s Whisker.

stock 3


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