Sweethope Fishing Report 22nd June

Warm bright weather have again led to challenging fishing conditions and many anglers have chosen to wait for better, cooler conditions for their next visit. Happily these are forecast to arrive in the very near future.

On Saturday we hosted thirteen members of the Benedictine Angling Club for a day’s fishing and despite hard angling conditions 27 fish were found lying in deeper, cooler parts of the Great Lough. Of the two lakes the Lower Lough provided the best sport.

The heaviest fish of the week was caught by Mr. B. Robinson, a visiting angler from Hampshire from a Float tube, weighed in at 5lbs and was attested to be 22” in length. The total catch for this week was 88 rainbow, 1 Blue and 5 brown trout. 58 were successfully returned to be caught another day, older and wiser. 64 anglers visited the fishery and successful fly patterns were: Daddies, Hawthorns, Hare’s Ears, Hoppers, Green & Black Buzzers, C.D.C., Coachman, Diawl Bach and a Partridge Mayfly.


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