Sweethope Fishing Report August 24th 2014

Sunday saw the best fishing day of the season with an astonishing bag of 176 fish from 40 rods. 20 of those anglers were from the Kelso Angling association whose competition accounted for 110 of those fish, 61 of which were returned to the water. The heaviest fish at 5lb was caught by Ronnie Glass who had the heaviest bag of 3 fish at 8lb 14 oz. The largest number of fish was caught by Mick Tait who caught 3 fish for 7lb 1oz and returned 11 rainbows and 1 brown trout.
Thursday was another successful day with 58 fish caught by 9 rods. Paul Bennett accounted for 23 of them.
The wind has been largely Westerly and of moderate strength and conditions have been kind: cool and not too bright. The water seems well oxygenated with a neutral p.h. and a steady temperature of around 14 degrees.

In summary we were visited by 77 rods who caught 330 rainbow, 4 blue and 9 brown trout, 256 were returned successfully to the water.

Successful fly patterns: Invicta, Muddler, Dawson’s Olive, Bibio, Daddies, Hoppers, P.T.N., Hummungus, Grey Wulff, Snipe & Black, Orange Fritz

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