Sweethope Fishing Report August 31st 2014

The fishery continues to perform well as the water temperature remains at levels appropriate to the welfare of rainbow trout.

We were hosts to “Hoy and Hope” from Ashington on Sunday who participated in a club competition. The event was won by Jim Carr who took a bag of 3 trout, weighing 7lb 2oz.

Heaviest fish of the week was a 5lb rainbow, caught by “Mitch” in the Great lough on Monday and other notable angling performances have been made by: Grant Downie ( 37 fish from 2 visits), Scott Nellins( 29 fish) and Rob Frame and Jim Tuck (40 fish).

Total visiting anglers this week have been 67 rods who caught: 346 rainbow, 6 blue and 5 brown trout. 59 fish were taken and 298 returned to the water.

Successful fly patterns: Damsel nymph, Nomad, Bibio, Diawl Bach, Sedgehog, Hoppers, Daddies, Invicta, Buzzers, Small Black Beetle, Black Spider.

Next week’s competition starts at 10, refreshments will be available from 9.00. a.m. at Lough House.


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