Sweethope Fishing Report November 17th 2014

As the season draws to a finish those anglers who have not yet put their rods away and are prepared to wrap up warmly are enjoying some good days on the water.

On Tuesday Eddie Rendles and Denis Harrington took their full bag of six rainbow trout, boat angling on the Great Lough and on Saturday Alan Reed from Slaley took three rainbows and returned three to the Lower Lough.

Most of these catches have been on lures but Joe Pooley, persevering with his self tied naturals caught a fine rainbow in the Lower Lough on Sunday.

Water temperature remains at 8 degrees C. despite some cold nights and the fishery is still worth a visit.

Visiting rods this week: 20

Fish caught: 19 rainbows, 2 blue. (8 taken 13 returned to the water)

Successful fly patterns: Cat’s Whisker, Yellow Dancer, Muddler.



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